How you can build quality muscle for incredible fitness, improve your knowledge for freedom of choice and grow powerful habits for success in life

While at the same time, eating foods that you like, revitalising your love for exercise and reducing stress with simple and effective methods

Craig lost over 2 stone following the Your Body Revolution program over a year and has kept the weight off while still enjoying the same food he was eating previously

In the last 10 years, hundreds of people have trusted me to guide them with their nutrition and training programs. The reason why my clients have such a high success rate is down to these 6 rules that we lay down at the start.

  • Only eat foods that they like.  No food is super, no food is bad.


  • Build their diet around their life, not their life around their diet.


  • Workouts are to be challenging and interesting  but not crippling.

  • Always be looking to improve every day, even in a small way.


  • Weight is not the measure of your success.

  • You will probably not achieve your goal in 6 weeks.
Transformation pic for Daniel

Daniel transformed his body while performing as a world class magician, flying to the USA and running a hectic schedule

I more often than not tell new clients that they WON'T achieve their targets in 6 weeks. This is a reflection not of my lack of skill as a coach but as an understanding of how the body works.

It is absolutely possible to achieve incredible results with your body and completely transform your life. 

I have had clients go from being hugely overweight and barely exercising, to dropping 30 kilos in weight and looking forward to their 4-5 times a week gym sessions.

Clients have rung me to tell me they are signing up for a triathlon and that it’s my job to get them there, when 6 months ago they were ashamed to even go on a beach without full clothing


Here’s the thing though.


Which you won’t get told by the 6 week transformation specialists.

This level of change takes up to 6 months to achieve NOT 6 weeks

I realise that this may cause you to immediately click off this page.  After all, we want results NOW don’t we?

If you're still here then let me show you WHY the body you want will take 6 months and if you stay consistent you will NEVER go back to the old you again

Your Body Revolution is a monthly coaching program that is tailored around YOUR lifestyle

testimonial from a fat loss client

Nathan reduced his cardio and stopped restricting his diet unnecessarily. The knowledge gained from the program allows him to maintain great shape all year round

Theresa was flying all over the world as cabin crew with a big airline. She adapted her diet to fit around her busy lifestyle and saw incredible results.

Tom Blackman in arms crossed pose

My name is Tom Blackman, I am a performance nutritionist and the author of Target Lean

Book image of Target Lean book

I specialise in directing the nutrition and training of health conscious people so that they get the body they want by eating foods that they like

A common mistake is to try to do things too quickly. This results in a fight back by the body. It will resist harder, the faster you push it to extremes

tom on stage at bodypower 2019 giving a talk

The first step to success is accepting that you cannot force the body to change. You need to work with your body and not against it

Your body is a complex system and does not adapt well to rapid changes.

Think of your last disgusting, dirty weekend away full of rich food, alcohol and fine living.

The majority of people come back from such events promising themselves that they will NEVER drink again.

Your body makes you so sick and ashamed of yourself that for the next week you are recovering.

Things return to normal and a few weeks later you’re at it again.  Once you’ve forgotten the experience, after all we only remember the good memories from such events.

We’ve all been there, me especially in my student days and while working in nightclubs to pay my bills.

Now think of the last 6 week rapid transformation challenge you did.

They promise to be a life changing event which will give you a body to be proud of, however more often than not leave you with a hangover of





that you haven’t achieved what you wanted to.

Even worse is that you regain all the weight back again and are right back at square one.

The training plans in these programs are extreme and normally require 5-6 days a week of intense exercise.

The risk of injury is high.

The diets that accompany them are rigid and restrictive with banned foods you must not eat. 

You might even be allowed a ‘cheat’ day as a release from your prison once a week.  Which doesn’t help as you tend to overeat massively on that day.

Rachels 12 week transformation

A busy medical professional. Rachel absolutely could not have her brain impaired by low carb tiredness and fatigue when getting into shape for her holiday

The 6 week programs have to be like this in order to get fast results. But like your dirty weekend of drinking and high living, there's a hangover. Your body fights back. To return you to its normal state

Recognising this is the key to success, you need to create a revolution in your body to make it perceive a 'normal' happy state as one where you are leaner and stronger

Here’s how 6 months of consistent effort can bring about long lasting change

graph showing weight loss over time

This man is a sales manager for a big international company.  Over 6 months he lost over 20 kilos and maintained the weight loss at a steady pace.  You’ll meet him at the bottom of this page.

You'll also notice that his overall average food intake went UP not down while he lost weight. Something that goes against normal dieting mentality. I'll tell you why later.

In that time he had a 2 week all you can eat holiday to Barbados and had a week break over Christmas. He still maintained the weight drop afterwards. HOW?

  • Because his body had undergone a revolution.

  • It no longer thought of itself as a 140kg overweight person.

  • It thought of itself as a 120kg person.

  • More importantly, his body was happy to continue losing body fat
Hannahs body transformation

A slow but steady approach over 2 years completely changed Hannah's body composition to have a leaner more toned look

This shift in the body's assessment of its 'normal' fat level comes from a phenomenon called the Lipostat. Like a thermostat in your front room but for body fat

Like a thermostat, if you turn it too quickly you will feel the change very quickly.  Turn up the heat in a room too much and you start to react by taking off your coat and trying to cool down.

But turn it 1 degree every hour and within 5-6 hours you will be very happy sat in a mini oven and when someone walks in and says

‘WOW it’s hot in here’

You just look at them in disbelief.

Hazel overcame an eating disorder to take control of her demons and feel great in her own body again. One of my proudest moments when she said she was happy to leave as a client and do things herself.

Dropping body fat in a slower, more gradual way allows the body to get used to the new levels of body fat and as such resets itself to that new level

Like gradually changing the temperature, your body adapts to and accepts the lower body fat level WITHOUT a huge kickback

This process is also much less stressful and means that you can focus on your daily life without the pressure of a restrictive diet or excessive exercise program

You have similar modes of assessment of the normal state for every aspect of your body, this is called homeostasis and it's to protect you from extreme environments

Think about the first time you did a spin class.  Or a HIT class at your gym

I can remember mine, I couldn’t get up for an hour and nearly was sick

Fast forward a few months and you’ve adapted to it. 

That’s if you stuck to it. 

Most people give up after a few sessions as it’s way too tough.


Imagine you were forced to do the SAS assault course with no training.

It’s incredibly demanding on people that are trained soldiers, then you come along for a try and nearly die.

That’s the level of training that a lot of 6 week transformations use to get you quick results

  • Excessive cardio
  • Overloading HIT sessions
  • Massive gym sessions

Excessive gym training can cause injury and potentially put you off hard workouts for life. Having a gym session that is challenging but also set at the right level is crucial for long term changes

Creating a revolution in your training which takes you out of your comfort zone but at the same time allows you to grow and adapt to the sessions, therefore you continually improve without injury risk.

Testimonial from Gemma a former client

Gemma ditched zero carb and high cardio methods for fat loss and instead focussed on productive weights sessions and low levels of cardio

Here's another hard to accept truth - your weight may not go down every day, sometimes it will go up - BUT that's not a bad thing. WHY?

graph showing weight loss over time

Let’s go back to our guy from earlier, here’s his weight change over time.

You can see his weight loss has plateaued over 6 months.

This means he wasn’t getting results anymore yes?



What happened with this very hard working guy is that in the first 6 months from April to November he was focussed only on eating right to lose body fat.  Which he did.

After November he decided was going to change his life even more and started going to the gym and exercising regularly.


He underwent a total mindset shift and started to gain muscle as well as losing body fat.

So his weight loss stalled


His body composition started to change and despite not losing any more weight on the scales he was complimented every week on his changes by colleagues and family. 


He was still making progress but not losing any weight.


In fact he inspired others in his office to start to follow his habits associated with a healthier lifestyle.

Then he messaged me to say he wanted to do a triathlon!

This guy has had a complete Body Revolution.

  • He’s achieved long lasting change
  • He is now fitter and healthier
  • He has a complete mindset change

More importantly, the habits and routines he’s built will NEVER allow him to gain all that body fat back again.

It has taken nearly a year, but this incredible guy has transformed his body and mindset in a total revolution of his actions and beliefs.

This is the result of an unwavering drive for change combined with expert nutrition coaching methods.

christiaans transformation
  • He’s lost over 20 kilos in weight.
  • Easily over 30 kilos in body fat.
  • Is fitter, even more than me now!
  • Chooses exercise over sitting on the sofa, even after a long workday.
  • Has inspired others to change.
  • Has proven a point to people who said he would always be overweight.

Christiaan's results happened over a year. NOT 6 weeks. If you want a quick fix then this is the wrong program for you

If you've taken on board all of the information on effective weight loss I've outlined on this page, then this is definitely the RIGHT program for you

Christiaan is not finished yet, at the time of writing this article he’s still working towards improving his fitness and is tracking his goals every week.  

Your Body Revolution helps you focus on this mindset.

You will always be aiming to improve.

Always looking to do better.

The goal is not 6 weeks.

The goal is a leaner lifestyle.


Tom Blackman in arms crossed pose

I will be with you until you have reached your ideal body

What you get on our lowest cost Independence Plan

  • A Training app loaded with easy to follow workouts designed to grow muscle and burn fat

  • 12 new workouts every month plus a bank of body part specific workouts to bring up weaker areas 

  • Easy to follow, step by step tutorials on building and adapting a high protein, healthy diet plan for a leaner stronger body and tighter waistline

  • Coaching group for discussion and implementation of solutions to any problems you face

  • 30 calorie counted and macro tracked recipes every month for adding new ideas to your diet

  • 24 hour troubleshooting service – we respond personally with direct advice to any problems

New for March 2020 - Home Workouts to keep you in shape during the COVID 19 pandemic

But that's not all you get

We can guarantee your results with our MYZONE®️ integration

All Your Body Revolution members get an exclusive £50 discount on a MYZONE MZ3 heart rate monitor.  The monitor is tied to our coaching dashboard so we can see how you are progressing

The app tracks all of your exercise much more accurately than a wrist device

We set monthly challenges to keep you motivated and pushing to improve your fitness levels.  If you complete the month’s challenge then you move up to the next level so you aren’t chucked in at the deep end from the start

Whether it's a walk around the garden or a horrible leg session it's all tracked and logged

It’s not about always doing extreme workouts.  The little 30 minute light sessions all help towards the BIG picture

All this plus purpose built apps to get you the body you want

All workouts direct to your phone

Tutorials to boost your knowledge and results

Live consultations in the online community

Build a body you are proud to show off

Harry's testimonial

Harry works on the road and in hotels for the majority of the week while working long hours for a multinational company

What you will learn

  • How to build your own diet plan tailored to foods that you like to achieve your body goals

  • Varied and challenging workouts and how to adapt your training for your own gym

  • The most up to date and effective methods for fat loss and muscle gain

  • How to consistently get results and adjust your plan to prevent plateaus

  • Which supplements are effective and which are a waste of money

You decide how much you pay

  • Book a private consultation whenever you need extra help.

  • Do it  yourself with our guidance on our Independence plan.

  • Do it with us on our Dynamic plan.

  • Let us do it for you on the Accelerate plan.

100% Money back guarantee

If you’re not satisfied that the program is for you within 7 days then I will absolutely refund your money.

You can also cancel your plan at anytime.

Think of the B.I.G Picture

Your Body Revolution helps you focus on your goals by using 3 core elements

Build quality muscle and an incredible body

Improve knowledge for complete freedom of choice

Grow powerful habits that ensure success

BUILD quality muscle and an incredible body

  • 12 new workouts a month inspired by different training methods and tailored for a mindset of building muscle.  All delivered direct to your smart phone via our custom app.

  • A library of focus workouts to target weaker body parts. 

  • Weekly live home workouts that help build cardiovascular fitness if you can’t get to the gym.

  • Weekly live spin workout that you can join or download and replay in your own time with your own exercise bike.

  • Activity challenges every month to boost your daily movement.

  • Nutrition tutorials to build your body from the inside out.

Improve knowledge for complete freedom of choice

  • Step by step coaching tutorials with downloadable guides.

  • Weekly webinars with open forum for building your knowledge and confidence.

  • Weekly topic discussions starting with the Monday live broadcast at 9am.

  • Purpose built knowledge centre with over 40 hours of video content.

  • 30 new recipes a month to add variation and choice to your diet.

  • Eating out guides for popular restaurants so you can make sensible choices that stay within your targets or choose to indulge with confidence.

Grow powerful habits that ensure success

  • Gain control of your snacking so you enjoy food without losing control.

  • Learn to work with your brain to recognise when you are self sabotaging and how to stop it happening.

  • Develop extreme focus to get jobs done and be more productive.

  • Instantly switch mindset between work, rest and play so that you give 100% in the gym and learn to unwind and relax after a productive working day.

  • Build strong systems that support your goals and prevent you crashing hard after a stumble.

The reason why my clients have such a high success rate is down to these 6 rules that we lay down at the start.

  • Only eat foods that they like.  No food is super, no food is bad.

  • Build their diet around their life, not their life around their diet.

  • Workouts are to be challenging and interesting  but not crippling.

  • Always be looking to improve every day, even in a small way.

  • Weight is not the measure of your success.

  • You will probably not achieve your goal in 6 weeks

Remember these, adapt them to your own life and you'll see results come very easily

Not changing your approach to think long term will mean that you always look for a short term fix. 

That 6 week program will become 3,4,5 x 6 week programs.

In the time you could have transformed your body with the Your Body Revolution method you will have achieved nothing and paid hundreds of pounds for quick fixes that never gave you the results you want.

Why you SHOULDN'T join:

  • If you want the end result in 6 weeks.

  • If you’re looking to be hand held all the time and never make your own decisions.

  • If you don’t want to learn anything and just be told what to do.

  • If you like doing loads of cardio for hours a day.

  • If you REALLY don’t want to lose weight and gain muscle and are doing it for someone else.

  • If you are looking for the cheapest option on the internet.

If it's not the right time for you to join Your Body Revolution then as a first start look at implementing the 6 rules into your own life and start thinking of your own BIG picture

Then when you are ready to come on board you will be already in the right mindset to get results and work hard for them

Tom Blackman stood in Gym for a photo advertising Your Body Revolution program

Thank you for your time. Please feel free to contact me with any questions