Why You Have No Motivation For The Gym

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why you have no motivation to train

How to restart your gym motivation by addressing 6 common problems

As a coach of over 10 years, a competitive bodybuilder for 9 years and a trainer of over 24 years I’ve experienced dips from time to time.  I’ve also helped others overcome their own gym motivation slumps. 

In this article and podcast I will help you to understand 6 common reasons why people experience motivational slumps, why they affect you and how to overcome them.

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Just 'snap' out of it

I’m sure you may have heard this.  You may have even said it to yourself.  Unfortunately it normally isn’t that simple. Motivation is affected by many underlying factors 

6 Common Causes of A Drop In Gym Motivation

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1. Bland Boring Food That You Don't Enjoy

Food is fuel for your workouts. If your pre workout meal or most of your meals in the day are from foods you hate you’ll end up resenting the process of transforming your body. 

If you enjoy your meals then the positive process of fueling your workouts will bring better results in the gym.

2. Boring Repetitive Workouts

When was the last time you changed your workouts?

Are you still doing the same chest, legs and back workout? On the same days?

Like any activity the body adapts to certain stimuli and the same workouts every week will eventually be less productive.  Check out some of my workouts on my YouTube shorts or my Instagram for a bit of inspiration

3. No-one Pushing You to be Better

Who’s keeping you accountable?  Who is helping you to achieve your goals? If there’s nothing to aim for then you’ll always hit nothing.  Too much of that and you’ll quickly lose motivation.

4. Trying to do Everything Yourself

If you’re trying to manage your own

  • Nutrition
  • Training 
  • Accountability
  • Rest Management

While at the same time trying to manage your

  • Business
  • Family
  • Social Life

Then something will give.  If you employ anyone to clean your house or do your accounts then you’ll know the relief of not doing that yourself.  

5. A Haphazard Approach With No Clear Plan

The only thing worse than not ever changing your workouts is changing them every 2 minutes.

Same for your nutrition.  I often see people jumping from diet program to diet program trying to find a secret hack to get them fast results with weight loss.

You need 3-4 weeks of consistent action to see a noticeable result on any habit or lifestyle change.  

You may feel you’re wasting your time waiting 4 weeks but if you never give a diet or training plan time to work then you’ll be wasting a lot more.

6. Seeing Your Goal as an Impossible Target

If you have 30kg to lose or want to change your body composition significantly then it can seem a very big mountain to climb.

So many people never start, or upon seeing very little change they get demotivated and quit

Ways to Get Back Your Gym Motivation

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Only Eat Foods You Like

Use my calorie calculator to work out your daily calories for weight loss.

Use my muscle gain calorie calculator to workout out your calories for building muscle.

Once you’ve done that then watch my YouTube guide on building your own diet plan of foods you like.

Change Your Workout Program at Regular Intervals

My coaching clients have the option to change their workout programs every 4 weeks. Each program has a slightly different focus but are all geared towards building muscle.

This means every 4 weeks there’s a fresh new challenge for them to keep them interested.

Find out about my coaching program here

Break Down Your Goals Into Smaller Steps

30kg of weight loss is a huge goal but 1kg is more manageable.

Dropping to 15% body fat and building more muscle will be easier if you only focus on one workout at a time.

Instead of trying to bump your protein up to 200g a day from 80g focus on adding 10g a day per week.

Watch the video or listen to the podcast to find out how to boost your gym motivation

Check out my YouTube channel for more videos.

Use my Calorie Calculator to work out your calories for fat loss and get a free macro guide

Find out more about my coaching program to get you into your best shape ever

Camilla Body Transformation
Gafyn before and after fat loss

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