Why a Coach Hires Another Coach

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Why a coach hires another coach

A coach shouldn't need to hire another coach - don't they have all the answers?

Even a coach needs another coach for accountability from time to time.


When you are a coach to over 30 clients then it’s easy to let your own progress stall.

The methods you use with your clients may not be suitable for you.

This is why nutrition and training coaches employ a coach themselves to keep them on track.

Paul is a highly knowledgeable and successful personal coach with over 30 clients.

He came to work with me for his own physique development and we immediately worked on building muscle and ramping up his nutrition to give him more energy to train.

Over 12 weeks he developed more fullness and muscle size while keeping his very lean condition.

In this interview we discuss the methods used and what the results of the coaching were.

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