What is the difference between weight loss and fat loss

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Podcast - the difference between weight loss and fat loss

There is a big difference between weight loss and fat loss

Weight loss is often confused with fat loss. Weight gain is often confused with fat gain.  If you associate the scales with progress then this podcast will shed some light on where you’ve been going wrong.


In this podcast you’ll learn the difference between weight loss and fat loss.

I discuss why overeating for one day and gaining weight doesn’t mean that you gained fat.

  • How to track your weight over a longer period to know if you are actually burning body fat.
  • How fluctuations in hormones can affect your weight
  • How retention of water in the muscles can add to weight gain and give you a false reading on the scales.
  • How diet gurus con you with promises of dropping weight but you actually only lose water and regain all the weight back again afterwards.
  • Why focussing on your weight on the scales will actually not help you lose weight in the long term.
  • Why food volume from the weekend will affect your weight in the week.
  • Why fast weight loss almost never means that you’ve loss body fat and why rapid weight gain in a few days is probably not fat but water.

You can also watch the video to accompany this podcast here

The difference between weight loss and fat loss – Video

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