What is a calorie deficit and how do you create one?

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how do you create a calorie deficit podcast

What is a Calorie Deficit?


A calorie deficit is a buzz word in the weight loss industry, at least for people who aren’t fake gurus it is.

A calorie deficit is absolutely needed in order to lose weight because it’s the only thing that promotes body fat use by the body in order to make up for energy that you use but don’t replace from food.


Calorie deficit calculators number in their hundreds if not thousands online.


I also have my own at www.bkmnutrition.com/calculator which not only uses the same metrics that I use with my paying 121 clients, it also gives you a guide to the macros you may want to use in your weight loss meal plan.


Do you need a different calorie deficit if you are a man or a woman?


Maybe, and the calculations are different for men and women but in order to lose body fat you will still need a calorie deficit to make that happen.


Are macros important for a calorie deficit in order to lose weight?


Not really, it’s only calories that the body needs to be in deficit to burn body fat, however eating more protein can help with keeping you fuller for longer and to stop you feeling hungry.

My macro calculator is geared towards an optimum protein intake for both muscle building and fat loss.

Simply fill in your details on the link above to get your calories for weight loss and your macro guide.


How to build your own calorie deficit meal plan


Check out my Ultimate Guide to Weight Loss on my blog https://bkmnutrition.com/the-2020-ultimate-guide-to-weight-loss-that-works/

This will give you a broader overview of weight loss, fat loss and the associated factors that go with it.

A calorie deficit is only a small part of the equation but an essential one.

Without a calorie deficit you cannot hope to lose body fat, even with the best diet in the world, with the healthiest foods and the super duper best training plan.

If the calories aren’t calculated correctly then you’ll always be chasing your tail.

My Ultimate Guide to Weight Loss will walk you through building your own diet plan from scratch. Using foods that you like to make a diet that fits your lifestyle.

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