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Executive Personal Coaching

If you have a specific goal or target to reach and achieving it is your number one priority then this is the service that you need

Take all the stress and doubt out of your daily nutrition and hand the reigns over to a professional

You don’t need to have a restrictive daily routine which eliminates food groups or certain types of food

Advanced nutrition software and over 10 years of experience with hundreds of clients ensures we plan out the best approach for you

Using foods you like to eat, we work together to create a plan that is unique to you and your life so that you can make progress and not even feel like you are on a diet

I don’t do ‘diet plans’

One look on the internet will bring up dozens of people with a six pack and some fancy scientific sounding ‘stuff’ willing to take your money for a ‘diet plan’. 

Literally ANYONE can do that, you only need a decent knowledge of maths and a calorie counting app to make it ‘fit’

The real skill in getting results comes from my experience and knowledge of behavioural drivers and the ‘human factor’ in helping you not to mess up your hard work.

What about the Human Factor?

Think back to the last diet you did.  How well did you cope with it after a stressful day at work?

Or after sorting out disputes between your battling children?

Did it help you to be restricted on your food choices when you had a 3 hour drive home and the only place open was a drive through fast food venue?

Plus I bet you love cooking a meal from scratch when you’ve just pulled a double shift or come home from a late meeting and you were fine not picking up the takeaway menu for the easy win?

Learn what works for you
Tom makes it very simple to understand all the jargon you might hear people talk on you tube etc Tom makes it very simple to understand.

I’m guessing one of those may apply to you or you wouldn’t be looking for my help

Someone can write you a ‘diet’ and then not see you again

I work with you to adjust the plan over time so you plan for the stressful situations and you can also have the odd takeaway or Big Mac if you like without guilt.

We always have your end goal in sight and every progress meeting will be to keep you on track and focussed for this result

How the process works

1. Pre Consultation Form

I ask all clients to complete a detailed questionnaire so that I have all the information of where you are currently and what you have done previously.  This saves time at our initial meeting and also allows me to get an idea of how to help you

2. Initial meeting and planning

At a time convenient for you we will have a meeting either in person or via Skype/Facetime or on the phone.  This is where we will discuss all the problems you are currently facing and I will go through possible routes to a solution.  It is important that you understand everything we discuss and we will only proceed when you are happy and are 100% confident you know how I will help you

3. Deposit and Program Creation

When you are 100% happy with my proposal to help you, I will ask you for a deposit for the set up costs and my time taken to prepare and plan your program.  This shows commitment from both sides that you are ready and want to start your change and I generally work better when I’ve been paid and have to deliver a client’s program.  The deposit is for my time spent constructing your plan and is non refundable so this is why I ask that you are 100% happy to proceed. 

4. Delivery and First Month Payment

The process of designing and refining the plan takes around 5-7 days and in that time I will probably send you a few drafts to look at to make sure that the plan I’ve designed is realistic from your perspective.  After all it is you who has to follow it so it has to be something you like the look of.  Foods will be tailored to your likes and within certain calorie limits that we agree on. 

Once you are happy with the final product I will issue the invoice for the first month payment.

5. Refining

It’s very unlikely that we will hit the nail on the head on the first go.  I am very good at what I do but in my experience little things pop up that we didn’t anticipate and so we will need to refine the plan on the go.  This happens in the first few weeks and is why I do not just write diet plans with no ongoing support.

6. Moving Forward to the Goal

The process of refining and adapting continues through the time we work together until we reach your goal.  Sometimes when working with clients their goals change during the programme and so we have weekly or fortnightly meetings to make sure we are still on target for what you want to achieve.  On average it takes 12-16 weeks for clients to see the long term changes that they want.  In that time I will help you understand nutrition better so you know why we make the changes and how they will affect you.

My end goal will always be for you to say goodbye to me with 100% confidence that you are able to manage your nutrition yourself.

Start your transformation now

When you are ready, I would love to see how I can help you transform your body and improve your health

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