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My podcast covers a range of topics on nutrition and training.  

  • Build More Muscle
  • Lose More Body Fat
  • In Less Time
  • With Less Stress

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what is the best time to workout

Best Time To Workout If You Own Your Own Business

The ‘best’ time to workout is often different for business owners If you’re a business owner with a hectic schedule but want to build muscle and lose fat then what is the best time of the day to workout to do this and still be able to run your business efficiently? There are people that

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Do you really want to get shredded for summer

Do You REALLY Want to Get Shredded For Summer

I always get people saying that they want to get shredded for summer without really knowing what it is they are asking for. ‘Shredded’ in the real terms is a bodybuilding show level of condition. It’s sub 5% body fat and this is actually a really unhealthy position to be in. For a short term

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best time to do cardio

What is the best time to do cardio?

When should you do cardio for the most fat loss? If you are looking to maximise fat use for fuel then the best time to do cardio would be in a fasted state with low glycogen availability. This is why

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Reserve Calories

Reserve Calories

Give yourself an added layer of security for success on your diet with reserve calories Many diets fail because they have an ‘all or nothing’ approach. You are either eating to your calories or you are not. Eat within your

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Why your new years resolutions always fail

Why your New Year’s Resolutions Always Fail

How to make sure that new year’s resolution list gets completed instead of forgotten There are 4 main reasons why new year’s resolutions fail.  Every year people dream up things they want to change with their lives and every year

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how to stop getting fat at xmas

How to Stop Getting Fat at Xmas

Enjoy food at Xmas without it impacting your body fat levels too badly so you can start the New Year without jumping onto a restrictive fad diet Stop the cycle of getting fat at Xmas followed by crash dieting with

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weigh in making you fat

Is Your Weekly Weigh In Making You Fat?

If you weigh yourself weekly you might be making it harder to lose fat. This is something I have seen repeatedly in clients I work with. Here’s why. When you’re trying to lose weight it’s likely that at some point

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best macros for fat loss

Macros for Fat Loss

Understanding what macro splits you need for a fat loss meal plan and how to calculate them What are the best macros for fat loss? There’s many diets you can do to lose weight and the macros diet is one

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How creatine may improve your mental health

Can Creatine Improve Your Mental Health

Creatine is a supplement used to build muscle mass and boost athletic performance For years creatine has been used by athletes to boost their strength and power in the gym and on the track. There are thousands of research studies

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9 positive actions to cope with lockdown

9 Positive Ways to Cope With Lockdown

There is a second lockdown in the Uk due to corona virus Here are 9 ways to cope with lockdown that you can put into action within the next few days. Put these into action to come out having improved

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Build good habits

Building Good Habits for a Healthy Lifestyle

How to make strong habits that last and minimise bad habits that stop you achieving your weight loss goals No one ever loses weight by luck.  Although they may not know it, the most successful fat loss winners will have

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