Rachel wanted to get in her best holiday shape and followed a 12 week programme designed to help her lose weight while not compromising the food she loves

Rachel's before and after picture


Although I was trying to eat well and train hard I felt the need to be accountable to someone in order to reach a desired fat loss goal before i went on holiday.  

I followed a tailored nutrition plan that accounted for my busy job and working hours. In 12 weeks I went from 59.3kg to 53kg. from 25% body fat to 16%.

It didn’t feel like a chore or a diet. We worked together with regular check ins and if something wasn’t working well for me, such as if I was struggling to achieve a set amount of cardio we adjusted my diet to accommodate that. I didn’t feel denied of any foods and i was enjoying my meals. 

The best bit was telling Tom the meals I enjoy most and him working out how we could fit those into my diet. An added bonus was that without the pressure needing to do hours of cardio i started to really enjoy the cardio I was doing.

Since getting back from holiday I have hardly put any of the weight back on. I have learnt to be a lot more intuitive about my eating and look at it over a week, rather than worrying day to day.

Definitely see Tom if you want help to achieve a goal but need help with your nutrition. He makes it so simple to follow and will adapt to your needs.

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