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Just want to say a huge huge thank you for everything u have done for me during the past 6.5 weeks u have worked miracles with me in a short space of time.


I met Tom around 7 years ago I just finished 20th out of 21 in a first timers class at ukbff I was at a low and needed guidance.I went to watch a show in Portsmouth and saw Tom win the overall and (after building up the courage) shortly after approached him and asked him to help me which he agreed. 5 months later I finish 1st place at the Dorchester Classic. Since then we have become very good friends and someone I have the upmost respect for.


6.5 weeks ago I weighed 96.5kg and my sponsor asked me to have a photo shoot in London ( yesterday) I weighed in at 81.5kg that’s a loss of 15kg (33lb) in 6.5 weeks and I’m over the moon how I looked AND I never suffered.


Huge huge thank you mate your one of the best I can’t thank u enough.
Ps you’re not getting rid of me!! Off season prep please But seriously thank you

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