Client Transformations

Every client’s journey is different. 

For some people it’s about getting into smaller clothes or feeling confident on the beach.  For others they wanted to be in the best shape of their life for a photoshoot or holiday.

These stories are to highlight what can be achieved by determined people willing to change their lives.  You must be willing to put the effort in. 

While I don’t promote extremely restrictive diet plans or excessive cardio/exercise, you will need to work hard to get the results you want.

Finding the right method for you

These stories are from a number of different programs that I run.  It is essential that we have an initial conversation before working together so that we can find the right program to get you the body you want.

greg fat loss
Craig weight loss
Hannah body transformation

“Best thing about working with Tom was no cardio, no sit ups and being able to enjoy food without being too restrictive.”

Harry's testimonial


“I’ve been able to eat what I want, when I want and enjoy social eating with family”

Testimonial from Gemma a former client


“The training programme was so varied I still use it a year on”


“I lost 4-5kg and dropped nearly 3 dress sizes”

Transformation pic for Daniel

“Gained the mindset to sustain progress”

Get the body you want eating foods you like

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