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I have worked with hundreds of clients over the years.  Some of their comments are displayed here

Break the addiction and repetitiveness of going on and off diets. 

Instead learn how to manage your nutrition with professional coaching and a bespoke calorie counted meal plan where you pick only the foods you like to eat

You’ll never need another diet program again


Since working with Tom I have dropped 2 and a half stone in a little over three months managed to keep the majority of more


The best thing about the program was still being able to eat the food that I enjoy but also controlling what I eat plus more


I’ve lost over a stone in weight, and continuing to go down on the scales, i have lost large amounts of inches from all more

Exclusive Private Coaching 

One to one Nutrition and Lifestyle coaching with regular meetings to assess progress and contact through the week via your mobile phone.

John Clarke

6.5 weeks ago I weighed 96.5kg and my sponsor asked me to have a photo shoot in London ( yesterday) I weighed in at 81.5kg that’s a loss of 15kg (33lb) in 6.5 weeks and I’m over the moon how I looked AND I never suffered..Read more


Nathan Broe

Before working with Tom results were slow.  Little if any change from week to week leading half hearted gym sessions and poor structure.  I’d previously tried doing early morning cardio sessions “fasted”.Read more


Hazel Panter

I had an eating disorder since the age of 18 and so I struggled to eat enough and punished myself with extreme cardio / hit if I felt I had overeaten.  I have with Tom’s help re-trained my brain to understand that I need…Read more


Anna Wynne
Weight loss with MS

In March 2016 I got diagnosed with MS, I was devastated, thought I would never be able to do anything with my life

Read more

Charlotte Thomas
Testimonial Charlotte Thomas

I have been working with Tom for 3 months and have lost 11KG so far, having struggled with my weight for years, trying every diet going and thinking I just couldn’t lose weight…Read more

Kimberley Banfield

Tom is an amazing coach he is so knowledgeable in every aspect from training to diet…Read more

Chris Ogden

I managed to make weight safely and still train to the highest level without lack of energy from low carb intake previously experienced in other weight cuts…Read more

Jack Cassell

Tom managed my prep over a 14 weeks period going from 15% body fat to stage ready with an easy well formatted diet to follow…Read more

Becky Chard
Testimonial Becky Chard

I’m in the best shape now than I’ve ever been in…Read more

Emilio Vincenzo
Testimonial Emilio

Tom has totally transformed my physique. Couldn’t thank him enough. Through off season and contest prep Toms personalised and tailored plans have worked super well for me, easy to follow with food choices I love!…Read more

Kelin Philipson

I have no idea how he does it, but be prepared to find strength inside of you that you never knew you had!

Absolutely LOVE training with him…Read more

Ceri Bailey

Since working with Tom I have become a lot more confident, I have toned up and seen a big improvement in muscle growth!…Read more

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