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I’ve lost over a stone in weight, and continuing to go down on the scales, i have lost large amounts of inches from all over my body, and since starting Target Lean I have not had 1 flare up of my IBS!

I have previously tried

  • Slimming world
  • Weight watchers
  • 5:2 diet
  • Lighterlife
  • Herbalife

I struggled losing weight on these programs, even though I train well, I also had recently been diagnosed with IBS and was struggling to find a well balanced diet that did not make my IBS worse.

The best thing about the program was that it was normal everyday eating, no fancy food or fad things to eat, it was easy to follow and it was all the food I enjoyed. The support your receive from Tom is priceless, if I ever had any questions he was on hand to answer them.

My energy levels are through the roof! I cannot explain how good it feels to wake up in the morning raring to go!

I have not felt like this for years if ever.

I would definitely recommend Target Lean. It will be the best investment in yourself you will ever make, the knowledge you learn from Tom is amazing, you will get to know how your body reacts to certain foods and exercises like you have never known before.


A reoccurring theme on Target Lean is that clients come to us after they have tried all the other mainstream diet plans. Sarah had tried a range of different diet systems and after 6 weeks on the Target Lean program had achieved better results than in any of the other programs.


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