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The best thing about the program was still being able to eat the food that I enjoy but also controlling what I eat plus the amount I eat. I now prep my meals and weigh everything. I have learnt to be organised.

I have tried most of the diets going – slimming world, weight watchers, even the Cambridge diet years ago

I was struggling to shift weight and stay motivated

I enjoyed Target Lean because it was easy sticking to a plan which was easy enough to follow, being able to ask Tom questions and getting help when needed was great.

Tom is very good at what he does. He has made this diet easy and as such and I have learnt a lot. I have managed to lose weight and drop a few sizes which is great. I no longer snack on rubbish sugary foods which I used to do.

I would definitely recommend Tom, he has made Target Lean simple and easy which is brilliant for people with busy lives. I don’t feel tired anymore, I have loads more energy which is brilliant.


Many diets programs are unnecessarily restrictive and energy sapping which can cause people doing them to lose motivation.  Amanda’s story echoes many of these sentiments.  Having a diet which is easy to follow and allows you to enjoy food again means you stick to it.


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