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In 4 weeks you will completely change the way you view 'dieting' to enjoy every meal and lose weight so easily you won't even feel like you are on a diet

Tom Blackman Target Lean Author

Join the program that for 4 years has helped hundreds of people lose weight and keep it off for good.

  • Target Lean will show you how to ditch restrictive diets that make you feel unhappy and depressed.

  • No longer will you be worried that eating carbs will make you fat.

  • You won’t be a slave to the scales, dreading the weekly weigh in.

  • No more bland meals that don’t fill you up or costly shakes that don’t even touch the sides.

  • Gone will be Yo-Yo dieting with weight going all over the place and with you gaining all the weight back again after.

The Target Lean program starts on Monday 21stJune

Doors close at 10pm on Saturday 19th June

Sorry but the doors have now closed. Join my email list to get priority access to the next intake.
Testimonial Catherine

Target Lean is a complete workout and nutrition system designed specifically to increase your knowledge and confidence while you lose fat and build muscle

After 4 weeks you’ll not only be leaner and feel stronger, you’ll know exactly how to keep doing it to enhance your results in the future.


Target Lean Testimonial Cary

A diet that fits your lifestyle and and exercise program that you enjoy

  • You don’t follow a diet.  The diet fits around your lifestyle.

  • No restrictions on what you can eat or when you eat it.

  • Varied home or gym workout routines allow you to add more exercise to your life and enjoy every workout.
Target Lean Testimonial Lucy

Lose the weight and keep it off while enjoying life

  • No Yo-Yo-ing back and forth with weight.  It comes off and stays off.

  • Feel confident when you meet others for meals and order what you like from the menu.

  • Learn the skills to manage your snacking and cravings so you stop yourself overeating.

Hi, I'm Tom

I'm a performance nutritionist and body transformation expert. I'm also the author of the book 'Target Lean'

I opened the first Target Lean program in 2017 as I was tired of seeing numerous clients who had been hard sold miracle weight loss products or plans that were nothing short of a scam.

Many were scared of eating carbs or had developed eating disorders from being told food was ‘good’ or ‘bad’.

They had started to be afraid of eating the wrong thing and the programs offered no education on proper nutrition.  

The programs were designed to keep them in the program for as long as possible following their ‘system’ which was often confusing and contradictory.

I felt this was wrong and unethical.  Therefore I set out to build the easiest diet program I could to educate and coach people who wanted to lose weight. 

Since then I’ve helped hundreds of people transform their bodies and I published the book that details these methods which now accompanies the program.

What's in the program?

  • 4 weeks of focussed education and coaching to help you lose weight while understanding WHY you are able to do so.

  • Eating plans that you can pick up and start using immediately to eat right for your goals.

  • Daily coaching emails to keep your mind focussed on the job at hand to rapidly build the right habits for maintaining your new body.

  • Weekly check ins with me to keep you accountable and on track.

  • Wide selection of workouts inside my coaching app which you can do at home or at the gym.  You’ll only need a kettlebell or pair of dumbbells for the home workouts.

  • Twice weekly live workouts at 7am Monday and Friday so you start and finish the week on a high with the right frame of mind for fitness.
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fat loss book - tom with cover of target lean

You’ll also get a copy of the Target Lean book sent to you to read and reinforce the education on the program 

Is this program for you?

This program is for people who

  • Want to learn how to eat right and enjoy food again.

  • Have tried other restrictive diets and are tired of gaining weight back afterwards.

  • Enjoy exercise, want to get fitter, healthier so they can look and feel great.

  • Are OK with learning how to track and monitor their food and activity to get quick and long lasting results.

  • Have a Facebook account – the program community is ran inside a Facebook Group.

  • Are not looking for a quick fix or magic pill for weight loss.

The Target Lean program starts on 21st June

Doors close at 10pm on Saturday 19th June

Sorry but the doors have now closed. Join my email list to get priority access to the next intake.

Just so you know, Target Lean is limited to 15 people at a time. 
This is because of the nature of the 1:1 work and so that I can focus on a small number of people to get great results.

The cart will automatically close once 15 people are registered

Tom Blackman

Not sure if Target Lean is for you?

I want to make sure that everyone on the program is here for the right reasons.

Send me a message with your question and I’ll get back to you. 

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