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“It’s the easiest diet I’ve ever done, I could do this forever”

If you’re here then you want to improve your body shape

We’d like to show you how to do that without the pain, suffering restriction and excessive cardio you may have done before

What makes Target Lean the easiest diet to follow?


Since 2016 we have helped hundreds of people regain confidence in their bodies and learn the things they need to know to shape their diets to work for them

It’s incredibly simple

Our clients choose what foods they want to eat and lose weight with the confidence that they have a choice in their diet.


  • They only eat foods that they like
  • The program is completely flexible
  • There is no requirement to eat at certain times
  • They don’t need to eat certain foods.

Louise lost weight by following the Target Lean program eating food she loves while exercising at the gym

You have complete freedom and control

Don’t want to give up chocolate?

We show you how to factor in your favourite foods so you don’t miss out

We are Professional Nutritionists

Every single diet plan is calculated exactly to the clients needs and is reflective of their individual requirements to lose weight

Due to this close monitoring we only ever permit 12 people at a time to enrol on the program

Why are we better than other programmes?

We calculate your calorie needs for fat loss
We give you a plan that fits those calories
There’s no restrictions on what foods you can eat
We show you how big your portions need to be

Mainstream diet companies don’t individualise their diets

They give you a one size fits all planner which everyone gets regardless of their weight loss goals
You get exactly the same plan as everyone else
They also try to sell you their additional products that you don’t need

There’s much more to Target Lean than just a weight loss plan


Clients have seen a total elimination of IBS symptoms after following the program and eating a balanced and healthy diet


Others have seen an improvement in their skin quality which has given them radiant confidence to wear clothes they didn’t want to before 

Tom Blackman

Performance Nutritionist

Who are we?

Hi, my name is Tom Blackman

I run Target Lean with my program partner Phoenix Rain

I am a Performance Nutritionist.  I specialise in helping people who have tried and failed to lose weight with conventional off the shelf weight loss programs.  Many of my clients say they don’t even feel like they are dieting and dramatically change their body shape and improve their lifestyle with my help.

I help clients understand nutrition and how to apply simple concepts to their own life in order to look and feel great but more importantly to keep this going for the long term so that they can live a life free from diet addiction.

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how I work with clients and some client testimonials

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The best thing about the program was still being able to eat the food that I enjoy but also more

I’ve lost over a stone in weight, and continuing to go down on the scales, i have lost large more

Since working with Tom I have dropped 2 and a half stone in a little over three months managed more

What’s in the Target Lean program?

6 Week Guided Program

Simple techniques for controlling your eating habits and learning how to plan for meals out and special events so there’s no guilt from over indulging yourself when you’re with friends

Menu of over 80 foods tailored to YOUR targets

With over 80 listed common foods you can make up any meals you like to enjoy your favourite recipes and snacks.  We tell you EXACTLY how much you can eat within your set limits so you are confident that what’s in your diet is right for you.

Build your diet from foods you like

You only eat what you want to.  If a food is not on the list then we show you how to easily add it into your plan without going over your limits.  You can eat out at restaurants and enjoy life knowing that you are on track.

On Call Nutritionist To Help You

The program is run from a private online support group.  Both Phoenix and I are on hand throughout the day to answer your queries and keep you on track. If you would prefer a more private one to one service then we offer a private coaching upgrade where we meet with you every 2 weeks to assess any issues and you can contact us privately.

Daily Coaching Emails to Keep You Motivated

Every week day we will send you a coaching email to give you useful tips and information that will help you transform your body and get the absolute best out of the program.  We don’t email you on weekends because you’ll be out living a fun life not worrying about your diet plan.

Don't Worry if You Have Special Diet Considerations

The program incorporates a full Vegan and Vegetarian menu and also caters for those people who prefer low carb high fat (keto) or high carb low fat type diets.  Every body can follow this program.

There are a lot of online programs that promise the earth and never deliver the goods

I want to assure you right now that Target Lean is not one of these

The elements of our program are all there for definitive reasons:


To build up your knowledge and confidence so that you can enjoy food again

Whilst chipping away at the excess baggage you want to leave in the past

Join the Target Lean Turbo program 

6 weeks of nutrition and lifestyle coaching to transform your body naturally

Join over 100 successful participants in reclaiming your control over food and enjoying life

Only £147

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