The 5 Key Dieting Mistakes People Make

Why every diet you've ever done has failed due to these common errors

Does losing weight seem to be very easy, for everyone else but you?

You’ve tried a few different diet plans with varying success. You lost weight initially but then the diet was hard to stick to for the long term.  You ended up going back to your normal food and gaining weight again?

Are you a bit confused by nutrition in general and not sure what to eat to lose weight?

You’ve read a lot of stories in the media or seen an Instagram guru talk about the latest ‘best diets’ or new superfood that helps burn fat but when you’ve tried these methods nothing happens?

Tired of spending money on restrictive diets that don't take into account your busy work and family life?

You have a huge desire to change your life and you’re frustrated that despite your best efforts you’re still not comfortable in your own skin and your self confidence has taken a bit of a knock?

Start to see results in 7 days by eliminating 5 common mistakes from your life and learn how to never need a diet plan again

In over 10 years of working with clients for fat loss we have seen people repeatedly make 5 common mistakes when trying to drop body fat.

They don’t know that they are making them and so the mistakes never get corrected, leading to repeated failure in their efforts to lose weight.  

As soon as they learn how to correct these mistakes they start to see visible changes in their bodies and clothes start to fit them better

How many of these mistakes have you done yourself or been told to do by diet programs?

Number 1 of the 5 diet mistakes

Over Restriction of Calories

So many people don't know how many calories to eat in order to lose weight that they just massively restrict their food intake. This works at first but after a while they become incredibly hungry and binge on their favourite foods

Unnecessary Elimination of Food Groups

Many times diets will dictate that you must cut out carbs/sugar/bread etc. This is generally due to flawed understanding of the science behind fat loss. All fat loss occurs due to calorie reduction not because of specific foods

Number 3 of the 5 diet mistakes

No Idea of Correct Portion Sizes

There is a delay from when you are full to when your brain registers it. This is like a 'Braking Distance' for eating. Without an idea of correct portion sizes you generally overeat before your brain registers that you are full.

Compensation Eating

We generally over estimate the activity that we have done in the day or in our workouts. This means we eat more, thinking that we have already burned off the calories

Number 5 of the 5 diet mistakes

Not Planning To Fail

We always start a diet with great motivation to never cheat or break from the program. The reality is that we always do go off the plan a bit. With no plan to incorporate some 'cheat' food into our week we will end up eating a ton of it when we break.

Tom Blackman using battle ropes

BONUS: Over Exercising

Too many people do excessive cardio in an effort to burn off fat. Although exercising or going to the gym is great for your health, it's not the defining factor in fat loss. In fact plenty of Target Lean clients lose weight just increasing their steps and daily activity.

Cary testimonial picture

Cary's transformation

“Previously I had tried to lose weight by cutting out food, namely carbs and increasing my cardio.  I could not seem to lose weight I just stayed the same no matter what exercise or diet plan I followed. I have dropped 2.5 stone in a little over 3 months, managed to keep the majority of my size but stayed quite lean.  This was all with reduced cardio and a more user friendly diet.”

We want to change people's belief that dieting is a horrible, unpleasant experience with bland food and endless cardio

We totally HATE dieting, so we built a system where we only ate the foods we liked to get into shape instead

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Who are we and why should you listen to us?

picture of phoenix

Phoenix Rain

Sports and Exercise Psychology Coach
Cognitive Behaviour Therapist BA Hons 

With 15 years as a specialist in female fat loss coaching.  8 x British Record holder in powerlifting and a Team GB athlete, Phoenix brings her wealth of knowledge of mental skills coaching and female specific weight loss strategies to the program.  Phoenix has worked as a CBT therapist for over 5 years specialising in coaching women in positive eating behaviour.

Tom holding fruit and donuts balancing both hands

Tom Blackman

Performance Nutritionist

Founder of BKM Nutrition and creator of the Target Lean program.  Tom has worked for 10 years with clients for weight loss and developed the 7 step C.A.L.O.R.I.E system while working with performance athletes for weight loss that forms the base of the Target Lean program.  Tom has spoken at industry events such as BodyPower Expo and is considered on of the top nutrition coaches in the UK

Target Lean is unlike any diet program you have ever done.  Our unique 7 step method has worked for every single person that has followed it and implemented the techniques.

Why do Target Lean clients succeed?

This is quite simply because we do not overcomplicate things. 

We deal with the 5 mistakes and solve the problem.

We have a simple solution for success

Up to 95% of people fail on their diets, we want to change this

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How we transform your view of dieting

Before we knew about nutrition properly we used to do diets that looked like this…

an amateur fat loss diet

This is a typical example of a diet that is based on 

  • Healthy Eating
  • No ‘Cheating’
  • Restriction
  • No fun

Now with a little Target Lean magic our diets look like this…

The diet is transformed from a bland boring list of unimaginative foods to a plan that gives a wide variety of enjoyable foods.  

The calories are completely the same in the 2 diets but with a wider variety of choices the second one is more likely to be one that you can stick to.

Which diet would you prefer?

I wanted to lose weight so running would be easier. I lost over a stone in 6 weeks! I have much more energy. I can plan for special occasions, and I no longer feel guilty about eating what were previously "bad" foods, as I know how to work it into my plan.
Emma testimonial picture

You may have been making the 5 mistakes for 6 months or 6 years.  Once we teach you our methods to correct them, in 6 weeks you’ll be confident to make the right food choices for a leaner body.  

I've lost 4.5kg in 6 weeks, learnt to be consistent with my diet, manage social situations and had a weekly guiltless cheat meal. I can now budget calories realistically and have a social life whilst losing weight.
lucy testimonial pic

What you get on the Target Lean Program

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Illustration of the 3 pressure points that cause people to fail on their diet

We can trace all the reasons why people make the 5 mistakes to 3 root causes

  • Confusion
  • Prison
  • Frustration
The problem of confusion for dieting


Nutrition is seen as a confusing and complex subject by many people as there are so many conflicting media stories telling us the ‘best way’ to diet.

The news tells us about a brand new THING that been proven by research to lose weight.

Often they have taken the research and and completely misinterpreted it.

Terms such as Low Fat, Low Sugar, Low GI, Organic and Healthy don’t necessarily mean they will help you lose weight.

The problem of the prison that dieters encounter


Due to the Confusion about how to lose weight many people place themselves in a Diet Prison to try and get slimmer.

This consists of restrictions on food they like, increases in cardio, a reduction in their social life all in an attempt to reach a goal weight.

This is, in effect, the length of their sentence.  

The trouble is that they generally hate the diet and look forward to their release or they instigate a breakout and go on a binge.


When the inevitable break from their diet happens the person tends to go on a spree of eating foods that they couldn’t have on their diet.

This ultimately results in a rapid weight gain and all their efforts are undone.

Frustrated with their lack of success the person begins a spiral into more and more extreme or restrictive diets and the cycle repeats.

This can be incredibly depressing and result in low self esteem and a drop in confidence which affects their working and personal life.

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We believe that when someone has a desire for change, giving them complex rules to follow makes it much harder for them to succeed.  

We don’t have ‘Good’ or ‘Bad’ foods and there’s a very simple reason why….

Calories are the key to losing body fat

This will upset a lot of diet gurus and multi million pound diet groups but it’s the reason why you have not been successful until now.  

Once you understand about the calories in food and how they affect your body you can take control of your diet completely.

Eliminating the Confusion

The first thing we teach you on the program is  how many calories you need to eat to lose body fat.

This is called a Calorie Deficit and provided you eat to this amount you will drop fat.

This is a fact proven in every single research study done on weight loss.

Eat less calories from food than you expend moving about and you will lose body fat.

I lost 11lb. And then when I put some of it back on over Christmas. I knew how to get back to it and I've already lost 5lb of the weight I gained in just 9 days. I've learned how to eat awesome food while still losing weight. I'm also better at fitting more activity into my day.

We do all the hard work for you

Every single person on the Target Lean program will have their unique calorie needs EXACTLY worked out by us.

There is no one size fits all guide book of foods.

Your diet is built FOR YOU.

No food is off the menu

We give you a list of over 100 common foods with the precise amounts to eat that are right for you so that you always have the correct portion sizes.

Food not on the list?

No problem as we show you how to incorporate ANY food into your plan.

eggs and bagels with fruit meal and caption

We help you plan for when you fail

Let’s be honest, there will be times that you fall off the plan.

We show you how to compensate and continue to make progress.

We also teach you how to plan ahead for special events like meals out, buffets or birthday cake.

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Your biggest adversary will be yourself

Even the best diet in the world will be useless without an accountability partner to keep you on track.

I lost 4kg without weighing and tracking everything and have significantly more visible muscle tone, I also was able to address and overcome obstacles that have made me 'fall off the wagon' in the past such as overeating while socialising, being in a situation where I can't track or control my intake easily (holidays) or after getting frustrated with too much calorie tracking and restricting.

Our Private online support group is open 24/7

Talk with us or other previous Target Lean participants about any issues you are having and quickly find a solution.

Every 2 weeks we run live Question and Answer sessions via an online webinar or Facebook Live.

You will never be left to fend for yourself.

In the 6 weeks doing Target Lean I lost around 6kgs I also feel much healthier in body and mind, which to me is far more important. I've completely changed the way that I view my diet and now I actually appreciate food. The program was very simple and easy to follow and the support from the group was fantastic and very motivating.
steve testimonial pic

Lifetime Membership

Our commitment to you is for LIFE.

client talking about their long term transformation

When you join Target Lean you become a lifetime member of our support group so that you’re never without someone to help you, even after you’ve finished the main program.

This is NOT a 6 week transformation. 

The program is intended to get you on the right track with a bang, the real changes will be 3-6 months down the line, and we will be there supporting you. 

What you get on the Target Lean Program

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Target Lean suitable for vegans?

Yes we have a full menu of vegan and vegetarian foods that you can pick from. We have vegans and vegetarian members and they have all used the program and lost body fat.

Do I have to eat at certain times of the day?

No, you decide when and what to eat. It's completely your choice and we don't mind if you want to eat all your food in one big meal if that fits your day. All we ask is that you don't eat more than your daily limits set out in your plan.

How long before I see results?

This varies from person to person and also depends on how much weight you have to lose. Very overweight people tend to see more dramatic drops very quickly. However it's also important to remember that weight loss is not the only measure of results. We explain this in the program.

Do I need to buy any supplements?

No, there is no need to buy additional supplements to help with fat burning or anything like that. We do provide a list of optional vitamins that we recommend for clients optimal health but they aren't essential to complete the program.

Do I need any apps or programs?

The program diet is delivered via a Google Sheets spreadsheet that you can access from your phone or print off. It's a free app and we send you a link to download. You will also need a Facebook profile so that you can access the support group. You will need an email address to receive the daily coaching emails. We also operate a Whatsapp broadcast group to let you know about our Live Q&As.

Do I need to go to the gym or do cardio?

It's not essential to have a gym membership. We construct the program based around your normal activity so if you go to the gym this will be extra activity which will help you to get faster results. You can boost your activity by any means, walking, swimming, bike riding etc so a gym membership isn't a requirement.

Can I eat out at restaurants on the plan?

Absolutely and we fully encourage you to keep up your social life. We will show you how to adapt the plan to allow for meals out and birthday parties etc.

What if I want to use macros to plan my meals

We give you a full macro sheet with calorie values per meal along with recommended Protein, Carbohydrate and Fat values if you prefer to do things this way. It's your diet and you can do it any way you like.

Is there a lot of food prep on the plan?

That's up to you. You can prepare foods from scratch using our ingredient guides or buy ready meals and sandwiches based on the calorie guides that we give you if you are on the go a lot and can't prep food.

What happens at the end of the 6 weeks?

You stay in the group and continue your progress with our support. Then tell all your friends how awesome we are, they all sign up and Phoenix and Tom buy big houses and fast cars and put on parties for all Target Lean alumni.

How can I help ?

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