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Welcome to Target Gain

Muscle Mentoring Program

What would you look like with 40 years of bodybuilding knowledge behind you?

What would you change to your training and nutrition right now if you had the experience of a seasoned competitive athlete and the knowledge of the most up to date research in the field of muscle building?

If you had the professional experience of working with over 200 clients ranging from complete beginners to international competitive athletes, how would you adapt your own training?

Thankfully you don’t need a time machine for this

Target Gain draws on the knowledge and experience of 2 of the UK’s most highly experienced coaches to deliver you an industry leading program to grow your physique the way you want.

Tom Blackman and Paul Scarborough are former competitive bodybuilders who now coach and mentor clients in both competitive and recreational exercise.  They have helped hundreds of people transform their physiques 

Utilising a tried and tested training system which has a 100% success rate with clients for building muscle and increasing strength we will transform the way you think about how you train for maximal muscle gains.


You will receive a nutrition program where you choose the foods you’d like to eat, the plan is crafted to your calorie needs to limit any fat storage so that you can see the changes without them being hidden under layers of off season blubber

Save yourself from years of wasted time trying out different training and nutrition plans that worked for ‘ so and so pro bodybuilder’ 


Our system has been applied to many clients over a wide range of abilities and ages and they all got results.  That’s how we know this system will work for you if you follow it correctly.

What is in the Target Gain Mentoring Program?

6 weeks of continued intense support
2 Expert Mentors on hand 7 days a week to answer your questions and guide you
A training system that incorporates every necessary element for muscle growth
Flexible nutrition system which allows you to pick your foods under our guidance
Our guarantee that you don’t need to bankrupt yourself with expensive supplements
Live weekly video consultations in the private mentoring forum

What will you have at the end of it?

Lets be clear, we are NOT promising you an extra 2 stone of ripped to the bone, shredded muscle in 6 weeks.


That’s totally unachievable and we are not in the con business


Plus if we had that product we’d be charging 1 million dollarz for it as it would be the Holy Grail of Gainsville.

What you will come away with is the knowledge of how to take your training to the next level.


How to adjust and adapt your nutrition to get the results you want more quickly and with less effort than before.


You’ll know about supplements, what to buy, what to avoid and what to put in the bin. 


You will save money to spend on more tight clothes to show off your new physique.


In short, we are both short.  You’ll be able to make better muscle gains with less effort and less of a sore head from banging your head against the squat rack trying to figure out what works for you 

Join Target Gain 

There are only 15 Spaces per intake

BUY NOW for only £159

Buy Now

If you have a coupon you can enter it on the second page
All payments are made via Stripe and are 100% secure

For each mentoring group of Target Gain we will only take in 15 clients

This isn’t a sales tactic. 

We can only really provide an outstanding service with the level of intensity and focus that we want to give when we have 15 people maximum.

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