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Welcome to Target Burn

4 Week Intense Fat Burning Program

We all need a kick every now and again

We’ve all been in the situation where things have got on top of us and the body fat has crept up to a point where something BIG is needed to get us back on track 

The problem is that finding that motivation can be hard

That’s where Target Burn comes in

The major problem when you try to do a rapid fat loss diet yourself is the issue of Extremes

You drop your food really low, probably drop off carbs for good measure

Then ramp up the cardio to massive levels

Finally let’s add some woo woo supplements like detox teas or kale smoothies for good measure

End result – feel like total garbage and zero energy

Final result – Face Planting into a massive cake or pizza

We show you the right way to do it

If you want to get fast results you need to follow a performance nutrition mentality

Luckily this is something that we excel at and we have vast experience in with our private clients

We follow 5 Simple Steps which are proven to work in our private practices

When you’ve got your food for the day planned out you need to then get your activity level up as high as possible

You pick your workout from our client portal and then smash the back doors out of it in the gym

Our portal allows you to track your workout so that you can challenge yourself the next time you do it and push yourself harder

How hard you go is up to you.

You are only as good as the people you keep company with

So we build a community around you with like minded people who have the same mindset as you

Everyone is working towards the same goal and you’ll post your efforts and progress in the private online group to motivate yourself and gain motivation from others

We run these types of groups in the other programs and they are highly effective at producing dramatic results and incredible levels of group motivation.

Learn from 3 highly experienced expert fat loss coaches to help you smash your goals

We’ve coached clients to extremely low levels of body fat for bodybuilding competitions and have worked with some of the most stubborn metabolisms that resist losing fat.

We know how to get results and we are online every day to help you and answer any questions that you have.

We’ll also give you a good kick if you need it

The choice is always yours

You can go as heavy or as light as you like and depending on how your day is going

This isn’t a Drill Sergeant Boot Camp where you get hauled up in front of everyone if you have a stumble

If you have a stumble we are there to give you new choices to help you decide how to progress

This is also not a program for sheep

Although we give you guidance and a diet plan we want you to start making choices for yourself about what’s best for you.  Then you are able to return to the program in the future when you need it and tailor it for your own needs

Meet the Coaches

Tom Blackman

Performance Nutritionist

Former competitive bodybuilding champion
10 years Coaching Experience with competitive bodybuilders and fat loss clients
Owner BKM Nutrition ltd
Target Lean Coach

Paul Scarborough

Contest Prep Coach

Former competitive bodybuilding champion
20 years Coaching Experience with competitive bodybuilders and fat loss clients
Owner – Team Pscarb
Target Gain Coach

Phoenix Rain

Sports and Psychology Coach

Powerlifting 4 x British Record Holder
Team GB Athlete

15 years specialising in female fat loss
Target Lean Coach

Target Burn is 4 weeks of intense fat burning focus

To be coached by any of us individually would cost in excess of £150 per month

You get all 3 of us for  ONLY £97!

The next program starts on Monday 18th March 2019

All payments must be in by Saturday 16th March 2019
So that we can build your diet plan

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