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Clean Eating Leads To Weight Gain

How Clean Eating Every Day Can Lead To Weight Gain

Your Good Intentions For Losing Weight Can Work Against You If You Try To Eat Clean All The Time I want to challenge your idea that weight loss is dependant on eating clean.  I’ll discuss how aiming for perfection actually leads to stagnation and why going off your diet every now and again is actually

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Lean matrix

Why do people steal my chips

Hedonic Eating and Picking at Food When You Are Not Hungry “These are my chips, I asked you if you wanted any chips you said no, so there are no chips for you.” The raging debate that divides households throughout the world. When someone makes chips The question is asked “do you want chips?” The

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when will gyms reopen in the uk

When Will Gyms Reopen in the UK after Lockdown

If you are itching for gyms to reopen then you are not alone Gyms have been closed since January 4th and after a month with the cases, deaths and R number coming down gym goers are starting to ask when they can get back to training properly. As a gym owner myself I’ve been following

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