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why you have no motivation to train

Why You Have No Motivation For The Gym

How to restart your gym motivation by addressing 6 common problems As a coach of over 10 years, a competitive bodybuilder for 9 years and a trainer of over 24 years I’ve experienced dips from time to time.  I’ve also helped others overcome their own gym motivation slumps. In this article and podcast I will

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Good habits for great home workouts

Good Habits for Great Home Workouts

How Good are Your Home Workouts? If you are training from home and find it hard to get started or even fit your workout into your day then this video will teach you how to develop good habits in order to set yourself up for a great workout every time. Habits get you started and

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are you doing enough to lose weight

Are you doing enough to lose weight and build muscle

How do you know if what you are doing is enough to lose weight and transform your body? I often get asked by clients if the training program they’ve been given is enough as it often looks like a small amount of work. They are normally expecting some super complex training system as they’ve tried

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