Weights or Cardio to Get into Shape?

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Weights vs cardio

When working with new clients I often get asked "is cardio or weights training best for weight loss and what should my priority be to do?

My reply is always that I combine the two where possible.

The thing about cardio is that most people hate it.

I hate doing cardio with a vengeance and much prefer using weights if I can for my training.

You may be the type of person who loves walking on a treadmill at a slow pace to enter the ‘fat loss zone’ of a workout.

For me, I want to get those calories burned fast and get home to play some Nintendo with a glass of wine.

The 'fat loss zone or fat burning zone' is also a huge misnomer.

In another video I talk about the best ‘fat loss exercise’ and show that to enter the optimal fat burning zone you have to be at a really low level of output which means that you burn up a lot less calories.

When you consider that the main (only) element that needs to be present for BODY FAT burning is a calorie deficit you start to understand that it’s not what type of exercise you do, fat loss or other. It’s the amount of calories that you burn.

With that in mind I try to make my cardio fun with a kettlebell circuit which takes about 25 minutes and burns more calories than a steady state cardio ‘fat burning’ workout.

I use this method in my coaching community and it works a treat for the women in there who are all getting in great shape while enjoying their workouts and building a more toned and leaner body.

In this video you’ll learn more about those methods and how I apply them to clients.

Use my Calorie Calculator to work out your calories for fat loss and get a free macro guide

Find out more about my coaching program to get you into your best shape ever

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