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Stress Free Tailored Nutrition

Only foods you want to eat, when you want to eat them

Take all the stress and doubt out of your daily nutrition and hand the reigns over to a professional

You don’t need to have a restrictive daily routine which eliminates food groups or certain types of food

Advanced nutrition software and over 7 years of experience with hundreds of clients ensures we plan out the best approach for you

Using foods you like to eat, we work together to create a plan that is unique to you and your life so that you can make progress and not even feel like you are on a diet

I don’t do ‘diet plans’

Look on the internet and there are dozens of people with a six pack and some fancy scientific sounding ‘stuff’ willing to take your money for a ‘diet plan’. 

Literally ANYONE can do that, you only need a decent knowledge of maths and a calorie counting app to make it ‘fit’

The real skill in getting results comes from my 7 years of experience and knowledge of behavioural drivers and the ‘human factor’ in helping you not to mess up your hard work.

Tailored Nutrition
Designed around your life
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What about the Human Factor?

Well think back to the last diet you did.  How well did you cope with it after a stressful day at work?

Or after sorting out disputes between your battling children?

Did it help you to be restricted on your food choices when you had a 3 hour drive home and the only place open was a drive through fast food venue?

Plus I bet you love cooking a meal from scratch when you’ve just pulled a double shift or come home from a late meeting and you were fine not picking up the takeaway menu for the easy win?

We Geek Out
So you don't need to

I’m guessing one of those may apply to you or you wouldn’t be looking for my help

Someone can write you a ‘diet’ and then not see you again

What I do is work with you to adjust the plan over time so you plan for the stressful situations and you can also have the odd takeaway or Big Mac if you like without guilt

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