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Discuss your current situation and methods
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look at ways to improve to achieve the results you want
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Receive a summary document of the session with key action points

“I now make weight in a more controlled and measured manner which helps me to train and fight more professionally and effectively.”

Consultations provide a means of discussion and a route to progression for clients

Ideal if you’ve hit a sticking point and are looking for a fresh viewpoint


Get new ideas and direction for your own nutrition and training plan.


Maybe you don’t know a lot about nutrition and just want to learn the basics for yourself


Low cost option for trainers or athletes already experienced in their field who require only minimal intervention.

[vc_wtr_custom_list delay=”0″][vc_wtr_custom_list_item color_background=”#1e73be” type_icon=”web|fa fa-phone-square”]Over the phone, SKYPE or Facetime[/vc_wtr_custom_list_item][vc_wtr_custom_list_item color_background=”#1e73be” type_icon=”web|fa fa-comments-o”]In person[/vc_wtr_custom_list_item][vc_wtr_custom_list_item color_background=”#1e73be” type_icon=”web|fa fa-lightbulb-o”]Get new ideas or just become better educated[/vc_wtr_custom_list_item][/vc_wtr_custom_list]
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