“Every Hero in a story needs a Guide.  An experienced mentor who exists to teach the Hero how to overcome a great adversary by implementing The Plan”

The Complete Solution

There are 3 important elements that exist in all people who have successfully achieved a long term body transformation.

The person has a clear vision of their nutrition and possesses a knowledge of effective habits and techniques to adapt to any social situation.  They feel confident in any environment and can adjust their daily and weekly activity and food to maintain the body they want.

The person has complete control over their food and lifestyle choices.  They know how they are affected by stress and food temptations and make the right choices to counter any pitfalls that they encounter in their daily life.

The person uses their knowledge and self confidence in their own decisions to consistently make the right choices.  They do not aim for perfect, no one gets it’s perfect, but they consistently get it right at least 80% of the time.  This means that they live their life happy and with incredible self confidence.  More importantly they never go back to their previous life

The Ultimate Problem

The problem is that most people are not at that point and there are 3 factors holding them back

Nutrition is a complex subject and many people haven’t got a clue what foods they should eat and what portions are right for them.  The media and internet does not help this confusion as there are hugely conflicting stories and diets at every turn.  The end results is that when trying to make a change most people have no clue where to start.

The confusion is overwhelming for many people and they decide to sign up for a diet plan that promises a dramatic result.  This plan places huge restrictions on the person and locks them in a prison of a diet where there are rules, regulations and restrictions.  For a time it works but the person is unhappy and is suffering greatly while trying to achieve their goals.

Eventually the pressure is too much and the person breaks free from the prison of the diet and goes on an eating frenzy of all the foods that they weren’t allowed before.  They gain all the weight back again and are right back to square one and still none the wiser of what diet works for them.

In order to get you from the Problem to the Solution a plan needs to be set in motion.

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The first and most important step is to work out how many calories from food you need to aim for in order to accomplish your goals.  Calories are the ultimate determinant of body composition and if they are not right the rest of the process will not succeed.

When we have your total target calories per day the next stage is to split that total down into meal blocks that fit your lifestyle.

Meal frequency or number is generally irrelevant as long as we maintain the total calories per day.

The best way to succeed on a diet is to eat foods that you like so that you always look forward to your meals.

By not eliminating your favourite foods we reduce the friction in your life and make your success more likely.

Once we have a list of all the foods you like we can then fit them into the meal blocks we have already created.

Now you have a solid eating plan for the week.

Having all the right food is a good start but unless we address your food triggers and give you good routines and habits to deal with stressful situations you will not achieve Consistency.  

There are a number of very powerful techniques that I will teach you in order to strengthen your mind and boost your self confidence

We can all increase our daily activity.  Whether it’s by making more active choices in our daily routine or going to the gym more regularly.

We will find ways to boost your activity that you are happy and motivated to do.  More movement means more calories burned.  Which means faster results.

Every week we will meet to assess your progress and make a plan for how to adjust for the coming weeks. 

Each week you will learn new things and discover strengths that you didn’t know you had until you are finally confident in your own abilities and make your own decisions about your lifestyle.

I have used the CALORIE system in my practice for nearly 10 Years to help people understand nutrition better and transform their bodies.

Louise was one of our first Target Lean clients and had done numerous other diets in order to try and lose weight

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