Reserve Calories

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Reserve Calories

Give yourself an added layer of security for success on your diet with reserve calories

Many diets fail because they have an ‘all or nothing’ approach.

You are either eating to your calories or you are not.

Eat within your calories and you lose weight, overeat and you gain weight.


What happens if you overeat one day on your diet?

Reserve calories help provide a buffer between the calorie deficit and the maintenance.  Think of it like an overdraft which you can dip into and still be within your calories.

By having reserve calories in place (normally 500 per week) you can allow yourself the occasional slip up without it taking you into a surplus.

Mentality this also helps keep your mindset focussed as you haven’t ‘failed’ on your diet.

I use this method with clients to help them keep within their calorie limits but also allowing the occasional slip up.

Slip ups happen, that’s normal.

By not worrying to much about it because you’ve laid this fail safe plan of reserve calories helps you get back on track straight away.

Watch the video below or listen to the podcast to find out more about how to use reserve calories to your own advantage.

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