Prep Radio Podcast

Our podcast has been running since 2018.  Hosts are Tom and Paul Scarborough who is himself an expert prep coach and former champion.

We discuss topics related to nutrition, fat loss and muscle building as well as current affairs and the latest news in bodybuilding.

We’ve had experts on as guests ranging from IFBB Professional bodybuilders to the UK’s best Nutritionists and Personal Trainer coaches.

All the podcasts are available on iTunes, Spotify and Stitcher to download

New for 2020 – Watch the podcasts on You Tube and Facebook

Prep Radio Episode 4

Episode 4 Special Guest Martin MacDonald Clinical Nutritionist   What is the Best Diet? Journals and why they aren’t always right Supplements using journal references and why they can be misleading PCOS and new research Alan Aragon Seminar Day 2nd November   The Mentoring Lab    Join MNU and get a discount USE CODE AFFILIATE50

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Prep Radio Episode 2

Episode 2 Paul talks about his ongoing recovery from Sepsis and the complications of beating such a horrible illness Internet ‘gurus’ and their bad advice Insulin and how not to use it Weight loss cons Tom discusses his new online project Contest Prep and different strategies Listener questions  

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