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Our podcast has been running since 2018.  Hosts are Tom and Paul Scarborough who is himself an expert prep coach and former champion.

We discuss topics related to nutrition, fat loss and muscle building as well as current affairs and the latest news in bodybuilding.

We’ve had experts on as guests ranging from IFBB Professional bodybuilders to the UK’s best Nutritionists and Personal Trainer coaches.

All the podcasts are available on iTunes, Spotify and Stitcher to download

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Prep Radio Episode 20 cover

Episode 20

Stephen Box joins us to talk about female athlete prep and the different considerations that we take when coaching females. We also talk about off season prep and bulking over lean mass gaining

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Prep Radio Episode 19 Front Cover

Episode 19

We discuss Keto for boxing and why it’s not great for performance even though it might be good for losing weight. Public figures and Life coaches on Social Media. Peptide discussion on TB500 and MK677.  Their uses and benefits. Black Friday and how it devalues real coaching. Dieting without tracking food.

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Episode 18 – Total Recall

Paul discusses his Total Recall experience Which creatine is better – mono or EE Training split for optimal muscle gain Acceptable level of body fat in the off season Hypocrisy of coaches Responsibility of coaches to their clients Improving insulin sensitivity Are comparison infographics useless? Paul instagram – @pscarb @teampscarb Tom instagram – @tomblackman_nutrition Join

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Episode 17 – Celebrity Death Match

In this episode we discuss the celebrity death match between ‘Dorian did it this way’ VS ‘The research says this’ Both can be extreme answers to the question of what works the best for muscle gain and fat loss. Sometimes research findings can be difficult to apply in the real world due to the constraints

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Prep radio episode 16

Episode 16 – Listener Questions

In this episode we cover recent listener questions. How much protein is needed for muscle growth What are our biggest regrets in our bodybuilding career Meal timing – does it matter Plus the normal discussions on life and the universe. To follow us on Instagram Paul – Team Pscarb or Pscarb Tom – tomblackman_nutrition  Ministry

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Episode 15 – Back to the Old School

What is Old School?  Why do people always talk about Old School training or dieting as being better? SHOCK NEWS BCAAS contain calories.  Gaining muscle in a deficit.  How much of a surplus do you need to gain muscle. Science but not science why you shouldn’t say ‘do your research’ It works for me BRO.

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Episode 14

It’s been a year since Paul’s near fatal Sepsis incident so we celebrate his survival by having a good moan about a lot of stuff and discuss common myths regarding aspartame and sweeteners.  Does Diet Coke give you cancer? We discuss silly gym exercises and unnecessary gym machines which are really expensive Food prep companies

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Episode 13 – Cholesterol with Dr Spencer Nadolsky

Dr Spencer Nadolsky is our special guest this week talking about Cholesterol, types of cholesterol and how it relates to heart health and general health.  Also benefits of more plant based eating and health considerations from a Doctor’s point of view when working with AAS users. Also Paul and Tom discuss Carb intake around workouts,

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