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Our podcast has been running since 2018.  Hosts are Tom and Paul Scarborough who is himself an expert prep coach and former champion.

We discuss topics related to nutrition, fat loss and muscle building as well as current affairs and the latest news in bodybuilding.

We’ve had experts on as guests ranging from IFBB Professional bodybuilders to the UK’s best Nutritionists and Personal Trainer coaches.

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Prep Podcast front cover episode 29

Episode 29

January Fad Diets January is the time for diets and it’s also the time when people try some crazy stuff to lose weight. We discuss some of the things that people may do and why they are or aren’t useful. Calculate your calories for fat loss by using my calorie calculator   Avoid the diet trap

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Episode 28

Game Changers documentary, listener questions We discuss the Game Changers documentary which has been in the news a lot recently.  Why it’s not the game changing evidence that a vegan diet is the best diet for performance, but why eating more plants is very good for us. We also cover some listener questions on training

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Episode 27

A new look at supplements with Richard Foster Richard Foster from Strom Sports joins us to talk about the new types of supplements on the market for neurological boosting and more holistic health In recent years there has been a shift towards these types of supplements with many athletes using compounds such as Lion’s Mane,

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Prep Radio podcast episode 26 description

Episode 26

Prep Radio Episode 26 – Fat Shaming and How to pick your coach We discuss the recent stories in the news regarding fat shaming and some of the potentially hypocritical behaviour by Fitpros and Coaches. What are the qualities to look for in a Coach?  Why do some coaches cost so much but seem to

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Episode 25

We discuss how we both feel our body image now that we are not competitive bodybuilders anymore and coping with that new identity. Training volume for new trainers, how much is too much Our new concept for Target Gain and Target Lean – education and mentoring rather than just a diet and training plan Why

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Episode 24 After Bodypower Insulin and Carbs

The subject of Insulin has come up again so we talk about Tom’s presentation at Bodypower which covered Insulin use in bodybuilding and the current research that could point to why you’d need it. Paul talks about his new charity book and becoming a trustee of his local hospital Tom discusses his new book which

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Episode 23 with CALM campaigner and Health Coach Dan Osman

We invited Health Coach Dan Osman on to the podcast to talk about raising awareness of the Campaign Against Living Miserably with deals with male depression. We talked about his recent charity event where he raised over £4K and his practice as a Health Coach working with businesses and individuals to improve people’s overall health

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Episode 22 with IFBB pro Luke Sandoe

We were privileged to have IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Luke Sandoe join us for a talk about all things bodybuilding. Luke is one of the newest IFBB pros in recent years and has had a storming first year. He took us through his routines and lifestyle, discussed SARMs and Peptides and how many pro bodybuilders actually

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Episode 21 – Dieting on Ice Cream and Listener Questions

Tom discusses his recent short blast diet to get ready for a photoshoot in 3 weeks where he ate ice cream every night. We discuss the benefits of constructing a diet from foods you like in terms of adherence. Paul discusses keeping motivated despite his health issues over the last 2 years Listener questions

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