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Follow my 4 week diet in preparation for my photoshoot

I always think that a good coach should be able to apply their own methods to themselves and get results.

I see a lot of people advising on 

  • Calorie Deficits
  • Flexible Eating
  • Macro Planning

Who have obviously no idea what a Calorie Deficit is and have been a little over flexible with their eating the majority of the time.  While I keep a decent shape generally throughout the year I think it’s good to be able to show that the ‘simple methods’ that people profess to use, actually are.

So with that in mind I’ve given myself 4 weeks to get into a better shape for a promotional photo shoot that I have planned which is also a trial run for a new product coaching people to get in the best shape of their lives and have a professional photo shoot at the end to savour the memory

Picture Of Tom At The Start Of The Diet

Start of the diet 7th January 93.5kg

Throughout my 4 week diet I’ll be running an email update on my progress with all the techniques I have used and sharing some of my thoughts via video blogs.

All the methods I use will be those that you can find in the Lean Body Blueprint which is my Free Mini Book available to all.

I’ll also be adding a few workouts that I’ve used and samples of my diet

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Week 1 Content

Workout Video Guide

Sample Diet Plan for Fat Loss

Sample Fat Loss Diet Plan for Tom

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