Investing Energy Wisely For An Incredible Body

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What can be achieved in 12 weeks?

jason graystone before and after

Jason is a very successful trader and investor who applies himself to any task with 100% dedication


He wasn’t seeing the result he wanted in the mirror despite training hard and eating well and so he asked me to help him get into his best shape ever for his 40th birthday.

We had 12 weeks and so immediately adjusted his training to be based around more volume weight training with a bodybuilding focus

Then we changed his nutrition to focus on


  1. fuelling his workouts
  2. fuelling his recovery


Jason applied himself so well that we actually had to increase his carb intake in a matter of weeks to keep up with the output he was putting into his new workout schedule


The result was almost daily changes as his body responded incredibly well now that the energy was focussed into the right area


Friends commented that he was looking awesome and asked what he was doing

This is another client case study where more food in and a focussed bodybuilding program resulted in a leaner, more muscular physique

  • You have to put the work in of course and Jason did exactly that, but it was never a chore
  • There were no meals he hated
  • Every workout was challenging and productive

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