If It Fits Your Macros – Does it work

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if it fits your macros

Are Macros Really Important?

Does if it fits your macros actually work or is it another buzz word for fitpros to use when selling you their £97 tailored shred diet?


In its pure form, if it fits your macros is a good idea.


It encourages flexible eating patterns and puts the control firmly in the person’s hands as to what they eat.

However if it fits your macros is also the new way that guru coaches get out of actually coaching any clients.


It used to be that they gave people very restrictive, bland diets with no cheats.


These worked to a degree but adherence was low.

Then they discovered that they can just

  • direct someone to a calorie calculator
  • give them a my fitness pal quick tutorial
  • call that coaching

then mass sell it to the general public, most of whom have no knowledge of what actual coaching is and so accept it as correct.

In this video and podcast you will learn how IIFYM can be used as a tool for the positive but also for the negative and how to avoid falling into the trap of a flexible diet that ends up being more restrictive

  • Listen to the podcast
  • Watch the video below

Check out my YouTube channel for more videos.

Play Video about If it fits your macros does it work

Use my Calorie Calculator to work out your calories for fat loss and get a free macro guide

Find out more about my coaching program to get you into your best shape ever

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