How to start transforming your body with small changes

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where to start

So you want to change your body and get in shape?

When you look at what you want to achieve with your body it can seen a mammoth task and you don’t know how to start or where to begin.

Starting a weight loss program

If you want to lose 30kg of body fat then you’ve probably got a pretty poor lifestyle and there’s so much that you want to change all at once.

That can be pretty overwhelming and often just the thought of it will put many people off even starting.

Don’t try and cut out everything at once and don’t eat foods that you don’t like.  If you want some help with building your own perfect diet plan then check out my guide video 

Starting a muscle building program

If you want to start at the gym to build a more muscular and toned body but have zero experience of lifting weights then even picking up a dumbbell will be scary.

Don’t be tempted to try out a pro bodybuilder’s workout as your first one.  Also don’t try and go 5 times a week for an hour as you’ll likely over train.  

If it’s your first time going to a gym then a full body workout will be your best start.  This will ht all the body parts but won’t over train your muscles so that you can’t move the next day.

Years ago I was that kid, very scrawny and short, wanting to build myself up to be a hulk.

There was no way I could get taller so weights was my option.

I went to a bodybuilding gym, full of the biggest guys I’d ever seen and even though they were really scary they were also very helpful and they gave me the best pieces of advice for growing.

Years later I won my first show.

In this video and podcast I’ll run you through what they told me and how I now advise my clients in the same principles for their own body transformation.

Check out my YouTube channel for more videos.

Use my Calorie Calculator to work out your calories for fat loss and get a free macro guide

Find out more about my coaching program to get you into your best shape ever

Camilla Body Transformation
Gafyn before and after fat loss

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