Episode 34

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When will gyms open again?

As lockdown rolls on we discuss when gyms are likely to open.  Tom owns his own gym and talks about the issues that others and himself are facing.  What is the likelihood that gyms will re-open on the 4th July as many people think.

Meal Prep during Corona virus lockdown

How prepping meals can ward off overeating and help you stick to your fat loss goals while in lockdown.  We talk about some of the techniques that we use with clients.

Carbohydrate timing

Something we have covered before on the podcast.  We discuss carbohydrate timing around workouts and in the day.

Gaining muscle after lockdown

What to do and what not to do when you return to the gym.  Although we all know that people are most likely to smash the hell out of it without much thought for all those weeks on lockdown.

Tribute to Luke Sandoe

The very sad news was received before we recorded the podcast that our friend Luke passed away at home.  Luke was in Episode 6 of Prep the Series and also came onto the podcast on Episode 22. 

He was a great guy and it’s a tragic shame that this happened.  If you ever feel that you can’t go on with life then please get in touch with someone.  Don’t suffer in silence. 

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