Eaten too much on the weekend – How to recover after a day off the diet

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Day off your diet 1

How was the weekend? Did you overdo it a bit?

It’s pretty normal behaviour so don’t beat yourself up over it


In fact, one or even 2 days off won’t really have a massive impact if you’ve been following a plan which has you in a deficit or even at maintenance

day off the diet 2

It's quite common for me to speak to clients after a weekend and they'll 'confess' they had a bit of a wobble


The BIG difference is that we address that head on


Understanding that it takes a sustained calorie surplus of over 8000kcal to put on 1kg of body fat is the first step

Second is your reaction to it

day off the diet 3

What is your normal reaction to overeating on your diet?

Do you 


  • Accept that it happened and work towards a solution for next time to try and reduce the chances of it happening again, then get back to your plan?


  • Faceplant a tray of doughnuts because it’s all ruined now?

When you look logically at your overeating behaviour it's very easy

But humans are not Vulcans – we are not always logical, especially when it comes to our weight

This is the normal reaction that most people do

  1. We see a weight increase
  2. Your Muncher brain comes out which tells you to eat goodies to make you feel better
  3. Then when the deed is done Muncher goes to sleep and your Logical brain picks up the pieces

Sound familiar?

Like I said it’s quite common but it doesn’t have to be.

Use the ACT technique to recover quickly


  1. Accept that it’s happened and you can’t go back in time
  2. Control your reaction, don’t let the emotion control you
  3. Take a new direction to get back on track asap
day off the diet 5

Then look at WHY this overeating wobble happened

  • Do you need to change your routine or habits?
  • Is this a recurring thing that you can plan for and prepare a Plan B for?
  • That’s the sequence I go through with the people I work with, it won’t always be a perfect day but you can reduce the impact

Watch the video to see how to eat all the foods you like and get in great shape

Camilla didn’t sacrifice her weekends to build an incredible body.  You don’t have to either

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Camilla Body Transformation
Gafyn before and after fat loss

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