Eat Smarter Move With Purpose

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Eat smarter move with purpose

“Eat Less. Move More”

A statement that is both true and also misleading

I’ll often see this statement followed by

“It’s simple”

Normally from people who are

  • Not coaches
  • Have always been in leaner shape
  • Or are in awful shape but could ‘get in shape if I wanted to’ because it’s easy

This statement is true in the fact that many people who are overweight with a surplus of body fat do need to control their calories and exercise more

However a blanket ‘eat less’ statement doesn’t address the underlying issue that the person most likely has with

  • late night snacking
  • restrict and binge behaviour
  • weekend overeating after a week of ‘good’ eating
  • not understanding calories or portion sizes
  • how certain macro splits can affect appetite


No point telling a driver to slow down if they can’t steer the car

‘Move more’ also doesn’t address a common issue with people exercising incorrectly for their goals

Most people immediately get on the treadmill or bike to ‘burn fat’ because they don’t understand that the ‘fat burning zone’ refers to intensity of exercise and NOT body fat being burned

  • So they do very slow walking to maximize fat burning resulting in very low calorie burn
  • Or they go super intense but neglect any resistance based work as it doesn’t burn as many calories

Resulting in a stringy physique with no shape

6 principles exercise should be fun

The way you construct your diet and nutrition should be based around your goals

6 principles only eat food you like

For most people this will include


  • Higher protein diet
  • Resistance training
  • Some cardio vascular work
  • Some ‘junk’ food in moderation
  • Days off training
  • Improvements in sleep and rest

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