Do You REALLY Want to Get Shredded For Summer

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Do you really want to get shredded for summer

I always get people saying that they want to get shredded for summer without really knowing what it is they are asking for.

‘Shredded’ in the real terms is a bodybuilding show level of condition.

It’s sub 5% body fat and this is actually a really unhealthy position to be in.

For a short term thing like a show then it’s understandable to be in that condition, but it’s such an extreme level of low body fat that getting there will place an enormous strain on the body, mind and the people around you.


People say 'Shredded' but mean 'leaner with abs'

It takes time to get shredded, it also takes a lot of sacrifice and restriction that resembles a lot. of what I stand against for a healthy approach to fat loss.

I’m not a hypocrite, I used to do some crazy stuff to get in shape for bodybuilding shows.

I always knew that was short. lived though.  That I’d be putting that fat back on very quickly once the show was won.

That’s an accepted part of bodybuilding and it goes with the territory.  It’s also how many ex competitors develop eating disorders, me included.

The issue which is mainly present is that to get to that shredded level you have to restrict calories right down.  This presents a problem when you come off the diet as your body is used to much less calories to survive.

The resulting huge calorie surplus means that in the week or 2 weeks that you’re enjoying your holiday you’re also piling on fat for your return.

Since you didn’t build systems or processes to manage that calorie surplus it’s quite common to end up fatter than when you started.

This is why I don’t promote ‘Shredder’ diets.

They are only good for lining the pockets of those people selling them and very rarely teach meaningful long term skills.

You can get in good shape for summer without needing to get shredded

In this video and podcast I go through what’s needed to get in that sort of condition and how you can get into really good condition without needing to be ‘shredded’

Find out more about how my coaching program can help get you not shredded but still looking awesome – Coaching

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