Do You Need a Diet Plan to Lose Weight and Build Muscle

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do you need a diet plan to lose weight and build muscle

Can you lose weight without a diet plan? Do you really need a meal planner in order to get the body you want and build more muscle?

The answer to this really depends on what stage of your journey you are at.  There are many diet gurus out there who are now pushing the woke journey and shouting that they don’t do diet plans because that’s so restrictive on clients.


While that may be true in some aspects, leaving a new client who has a major issue with food up to their own devices and just giving them some macros to follow isn’t going to help them.


When your child wants to learn to ride a bike, would you give them a BMX with no brakes and push them off a half pipe?


Of course not, you’d want them on stabilisers for a while to learn how to ride, then you’d remove the stabilisers so they learn balance and then finally let them loose on the world by themselves.


This concept is entirely true for people who have really struggled with their nutrition.  As nutritionists it’s really easy for us to say – just stick to your calorie deficit and you’ll lose weight.  We have relatively decent systems built and can account for fluctuations.


Someone coming to use for advice doesn’t have that or they’d not need your help.


In this video I outline the stages of nutrition that I follow with clients to take them from little to no knowledge of nutrition to managing their diet flexibly like a pro.

Find out about my affordable and highly effective coaching program – Coaching

Calculate your calories and macros for fat loss – Calculator

Watch more videos – YouTube Channel

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