Count Vascular – Superset Arm Workout in 45 minutes

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arm workout in 45 minutes

Blast your arms with this superset workout

Nothing beats a great arm workout.  Nice big, pumped biceps and triceps which you can immediately see the benefit of in the mirror.

The main mistake people make when training arms is they use too much weight and don’t do enough reps.

Too much weight pushes pressure onto the shoulders and can overload the tendons in the elbow meaning that you get shoulder and elbow pain, not nice big arms.

Bodybuilders (good ones) have known this for years and you’ll always see them repping out 10-20 reps as standard on arms.

This workout builds on that to give you a total overload via volume so that your arms grow and your shoulder and elbow stay pain free.

The Workout


Super Set 1

  1. Tricep Pressdown
  2. Double Cable Curl

Super Set 2

  1. Close Grip Bench Press
  2. Supination Curl

Superset 3

  1. High Cable Curl
  2. Reverse Tricep Extension

Sets and Reps

  1. 20 reps per exercise
  2. 4 sets per Superset


Follow the workout

See how the workout plays out in a gym.

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