Compounding your efforts for a successful Body Transformation

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Compounding your efforts for a successful body transformation

What is the secret to gaining muscle and losing body fat?

It’s not down to one key ingredient, it’s from having many cogs working together to create a bulletproof system that supports your goal.

Many diet gurus will sell a quick fix. A 6 week shred program that defies the laws of physics and thermodynamics to drop an unreal amount of body fat off your body.

In reality you yo-yo back and forth and gain weight in the long term

Fat loss must have a calorie deficit present

However just having a calorie deficit is not enough.

This needs to be supported by a system that reduces cravings, keeps you interested in food and not tired from over dieting or over training.

Rapid fat loss programs focus only on short term results to get you a fast drop and photos for their Instagram before and afters.

They put you in a huge deficit on restricted foods in order to get a result but that diet is not sustainable for a long term fat loss result.

Gaining muscle is not just about eating loads and lifting weights

Most people will do that short term but always peeter out as they can’t sustain the level of intensity in the gym as well as the food volume necessary.

Get Big Gurus will force feed you thousands of calories and give you a ‘professional’ bodybuilding program which overtrains you to burnout and makes you feel sick from all the food.

Yes you will gain weight but it’s mostly fat.  What they don’t tell you is that building actual muscle takes time.  A lot of time. Consistent, methodical training and sensible eating.

Building good habits and routines are essential for success

Create the systems that support fat loss or muscle gain and you will find it incredibly easy to do that.

If you’re constantly firefighting without a plan you’ll always end up failing.

The clients that I’ve worked with who have the greatest results are those that focussed on building the systems to support their goal.

  • They went to the gym regularly
  • Ate sensibly
  • Had a social life
  • Did some form of cardio for heart health
  • Didn’t look for a quick fix

This video and podcast gives an insight into what’s needed for both goals, ironically they are both quite similar, just with different calorie adjustments.

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