Comparison MEMEs – No one cares about your protein

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Comparison MEMEs

They are all the rage at the moment in Fitness world

Whether it’s telling you about how many PT sessions you could get for an iPhone 8

Or if its telling you how much (little) protein there is in a Protein Yorkie

So I’ve made my own

Who wins in a protein battle between Kale and Choc Orange?

If we go on JUST protein then the chocolate orange wins


But as an intelligent person you KNOW that a chocolate orange has much more than just protein in it

There’s also nasty fat calories and carb calories which make this yummy treat into a calorie dense disaster for your diet plan

So we know to avoid it as a regular snack but would have it as a treat every now and again


So why can’t the same logic be applied to Protein Yorkies with just 10g of protein in


Why is everyone so surprised when a CHOCOLATE BAR with a little bit more added protein is also laden with other calories


Just because its a ‘Protein Yorkie’ doesn’t mean it suddenly lost all the Choccy Bar bad things that mean you couldn’t have it every day before


OK so its ONLY 10g of Protein, that’s a little low when compared to say a chicken breast


Or a grenade bar


But its still higher than a normal Yorkie and so it is correctly labelled


It’s just about you as the consumer being aware that just because there’s some protein in it




If you really are moaning that the protein is low and this means that you can’t get a decent serving of protein in it

Then your diet really needs addressing on a more serious level


I mean, you are thinking about getting your daily intake of protein from a chocolate bar


Just have a think about that


Then go and have some Protein Chicken and some Carb Potatoes


Just like normal Chicken and Potato but with added Protein and carbs.


Oh no thats right


They are already PROPER protein and carb sources.  No need for any additions



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