Build a leaner, stronger body and a healthier lifestyle

The definitive coaching program for business owners over 30 to get the body they want eating foods they like

Tom Blackman

Only business owners know the constant struggle between possessing both a healthy profitable business and a healthy body.

you work longer hours than most because you love your business but this sometimes means you are compromising your fitness.

Often your business commitments mean you have to sacrifice time to exercise or eat well and this is incredibly frustrating.

You're not hugely overweight but you're also not happy with how you look. If you could just get the right balance then you know you'd look awesome.

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The Hybrid Coaching Program is specifically designed for business owners over 30 to build leaner, stronger bodies and healthier lifestyles.

Right from the start we will work together to establish your goals at your welcome call and use the tools in the program to get you there as quickly and simply as possible.

Train from home or in the gym to build a body you can be proud of.

The Hybrid workouts utilise home training with Kettlebells and Dumbbells so that you can work from home and workout from home.

If you prefer to train in the gym there are varied and challenging workouts that will transform your body quickly.

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Fit your training around your lifestyle

Choose from a wide range of workouts all designed to burn calories fast and stimulate muscle growth.

Only eat foods that you like

The flexible diet plans in the program mean you can start eating right for your goals right away.  

No need to wait for a tailored plan, just pick the one that fits your calories and get started.

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What you will get

Titanium Hybrid Coaching Full Products
  • 30 Minute Welcome Call To Set You On The Right Path
  • Macro and Calorie Targets Specific To Your Goals
  • Ready To Go Diet Plans – Just Pick The One You Like
  • Weekly Drop In Calls To Get Help If You Need It
  • Comprehensive Range Of Workouts – Home, Gym, Kettlebell, Garage
  • Over 700 Recipes To Make Your Meals More Interesting
  • On Demand Video Workouts To Motivate You While Training At Home
  • Weekly Check Ins With Feedback Videos
  • Private Coaching Group
  • Monthly 1:1 calls to continually keep you accountable and on track
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Easy to Follow Nutrition Plan

  • Over 100 common foods to choose from
  • Fit your diet around your lifestyle
  • Macro guides
  • Add your own foods
mobile workouts for titanium hybrid coaching

Build More Muscle

  • Workouts delivered via a custom app.
  • Access your workouts easily from the gym.
  • Instructional videos for each exercise
  • Track your best lifts
  • Home Workouts with on demand videos
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Only Eat Foods You Like

  • Over 300 tasty recipes 
  • Full calorie and macro values
  • Vegetarian and Vegan options
  • Mains, Desserts, Breakfasts and Sides

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are you suffering from this common problem in your attempts to improve your health and Fitness?

  • Many people who are successful in their working and business life fail to successfully transform their body in the gym.


  • Instead they end up doing repetitive workouts and restrictive diets in an effort to get results.


  • This is made even more frustrating by seeing people on social media apparently doing it with relative ease.  Why can they do it but not you?

Why you don't get the results you want

  • If you’re successful in business then you’re most likely very busy with clients or growing your business.

  • This works against your physique goals because no matter what people on social media tell you…….

It’s NOT easy to get results in the gym or training from home
and it’s also NOT easy to get rid of body fat.

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But You Can Make It Easier

It’s not easy to succeed in business or everyone would be crushing it.

You are successful because you’re an expert in your area.

People who are successful in building muscle and achieving lower body fat are experts in their area.

Speaking on the nutrition stage at bodypower

You Are An Expert In What You Do, I'm An Expert In What I Do

  • You probably have an accountant who does your books

  • You have someone who handles your webpage

  • You may even have someone who posts on your social media for you

You've Invested In Experts For Your Business But You're Trying To Figure Out Transforming Your Body By Yourself

  • If you want expert results then you get an expert in.

  • That’s why people hire you or your company.

  • That’s why you’ll get results much faster in my coaching program.
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What you’ll get

Focussed Workouts Guaranteed To Build More Muscle

  • Delivered through my custom app.

  • Complete with instructional videos and step by step guides.

  • New workouts added every month so you don’t get bored.
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Nutrition Coaching

  • Calculated macros and calories that are specific for your goals.

  • Pre built diet plans so that you can start eating correctly straight away.

  • Higher protein and flexible eating patterns.

  • You only eat foods that you like.  Guaranteed.
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Weekly Check Ins

  • Keep accountable and on the right track by checking in each week.

  • Quickly address any problems and make faster progress.

Workouts For Every Environment

  • Gym
  • Home Training
  • Garage Gym – basic weights with bars and plates
  • Kettlebells
  • Dumbbells
  • Bodyweight
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Educational Content

  • Specific coaching tutorials on areas of interest

  • Watch in your own time to improve your knowledge of nutrition and training

  • The more you learn the better your workouts will be as you make adaptions that suit you

  • Nutrition coaching tutorials help you understand why you’ve failed in the past and improve your eating patterns.
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On Demand Home Workout Videos

  • Follow along at home or in your hotel room when you can’t get to a gym.

  • Kettlebell, Dumbbell and Bodyweight workouts delivered by my gym coaches and me.

  • Watch on your TV via YouTube private links
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Over 700 Recipes To Give You New Ideas For Meals

  • Mains, Desserts, Breakfasts and Starters
  • Vegan and Vegetarian
  • Keto options
  • Smoothies
  • All recipes calorie counted and macro tracked
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Get the body you want eating foods you like
  • Build a leaner, stronger body and healthier lifestyle
  • Specifically built for business owners for home or gym training
  • Flexible diet plans that fit around your life
  • Twice weekly live home workouts
  • Monthly 1:1 accountability meetings
  • Weekly check ins with video feedback

How You’ll See Your Body Improve

The Titanium Hybrid program combines muscle building workouts with my unique fat loss coaching methods.

You'll get an an expert bodybuilding coach

I competed in bodybuilding for over 10 years, in that time I won 4 Overall titles and placed in the top 3 in 2 national competitions. 

I also have coached numerous bodybuilding athletes to incredible condition and packed on new muscle to their frames. 

I know what builds muscle and the workouts in my Hybrid program are based around those principles.

fat loss book - tom with cover of target lean

You'll get an expert fat loss coach

I’ve coached hundreds of people to lose thousands of pounds of body fat.

For 3 years I ran my Target Lean program which gave rise to my book ‘Target Lean’ released in 2020 at the height of the pandemic. 

Through my programs and my 1:1 coaching I have worked with hundreds of people to successfully transform their lives. Enabling them to lead a leaner lifestyle with long term lower body fat.

Dr Shredz from “Target Lean”

There’s always someone promising you a quick fix for fat loss.

  • Buy these pills
  • Drink this tea
  • Blend this Kale
  • Do this Keto

Problem is, when you’ve taken the pills, drunk the tea, blended the kale and done the Keto, you’re still left with the body fat you had before.

  • Sometimes you’ve gained more body fat.  
  • Because these methods are not sustainable
  • You can’t do them for the long term, 
  • And diet gurus know this.

Short term rapid fat loss programs only benefit the coach's Instagram feed

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I’ve wrote the book on fat loss

I’ve taught hundreds of people to get the body they want eating foods they like though my book and programs.

These methods are what you’ll learn in the Hybrid Coaching program via a 7 step system proven to work in hundreds of my previous clients.  

It’s how I continue to maintain a leaner, muscled physique year round and how my clients keep body fat off for the long term.

What is Hybrid Coaching?

My coaching program combines elements of a traditional 1:1 personal coach with the motivational synergy of a group environment to make the strongest, most bullet proof version of you.

Working with a coach in a 1:1 environment can be a hugely focussed and productive experience.

  • However it can be very expensive for many people.

  • Often there’s no other contact with other clients, meaning the support network is small

A group coaching model can be a great experience with a supportive group of people all working towards a common goal.

  • However there can be a lack of individual adaptations and 1:1 contact which can be vital in overcoming hurdles and keeping you moving forward.

The Hybrid Model combines all of the best elements of each type of coaching

  • A supportive group environment to keep you motivated and share your wins

  • 1:1 check ins to address individual issues and get personalised action points to move you forward

  • An affordable monthly price with incredible value for money

  • No contract – stay for as long as you like and cancel at any time

  • New workouts every month to  challenge you to improve

  • Monthly 1:1 Accountability meetings
week of workouts
Get the body you want eating foods you like
  • Build a leaner, stronger body and healthier lifestyle
  • Specifically built for business owners for home or gym training
  • Flexible diet plans that fit around your life
  • Twice weekly live home workouts
  • Monthly 1:1 accountability meetings
  • Weekly check ins with video feedback

My Personal, Cast in Titanium, Guarantee of Gains or Your Money Back

I’ve been coaching clients for a LONG time and I KNOW that my methods work.  In fact I’m so sure that you’ll enjoy the workouts, build more muscle and lose some body fat by following my program that I’ll give you my

Personal 21 Day, Full, No Quibble, No Questions Asked, Full Refund

if you don’t think the program is working for you.

  • If you’ve not enjoyed and been challenged by the huge selection of workouts available.
  • If you don’t agree you’ve been able to eat the foods you like on the diet templates.
  • If you haven’t found any recipes you like in the 700 recipes available in the app.
  • If you’ve not found the weekly check ins and feedback useful.
  • If you’ve not found any use from the weekly zoom group mastermind calls.
  • If you’ve not felt your body start to improve.

Then I’ll be happy to refund your money as I want everyone who does this program to benefit.  

Yes I know that there will be some people who do all the workouts, follow the diet plans, download all the recipes get great results and STILL activate the discount.  Unfortunately those people exist and to be honest I don’t want them on the program.

I want to help people achieve their best results ever and I’ve put an incredible amount of value into this program.

If you put the work in then you’ll get the results out.  I’m here to help you achieve that result.

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