best cardio to do if you want more muscle

Best Cardio to do if You Want More Muscle

What type of cardio should you do if building muscle is a priority? I’m a big believer in the philosophy of casting votes for the body you want.  Well, casting votes for the life you want really. Cardio is cardiovascular fitness, i.e making the heart healthier.  This is, of course vital for your long term

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prep podcast 47

Episode 47 – Listener Questions

Listener Questions What’s the best rep and set range for certain muscle groups? What do we know know that we wish we’d known back then? Supplements we recommend? Why does Paul always say drink more water?   See Prep the Series on YouTube for free Watch all the episodes as they are released >>>>Prep The

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supplements that melt fat podcast

Fat Burning Supplements That Melt Fat

Are you looking for Fat Loss Pills that can MELT fat off your body? I’ve got bad news for you, they don’t exist. Even the most potent illegal fat burning drugs don’t melt fat but some may cook you alive – which would be bad People THINK that fat burners will magically correct their body

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Investing Energy Wisely For An Incredible Body

What can be achieved in 12 weeks? Jason is a very successful trader and investor who applies himself to any task with 100% dedication He wasn’t seeing the result he wanted in the mirror despite training hard and eating well and so he asked me to help him get into his best shape ever for

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