Best Way to Build Muscle for Men

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build muscle for men

Adding 4kg of muscle without gaining body fat - impossible without drugs?


I have worked with hundreds of men to build muscle and the vast majority of them are making the same mistakes which is restricting their muscle building progress

2 Common Mistakes Made By Men When Trying to Build Muscle

Quite often I’ll find that men are doing two things wrong that they see immediate results when then change

1. Not Training With Enough Volume

6 principles exercise should be fun

Coming from a bodybuilding background it’s natural for me to opt for higher volume in training.

However I find time and time again that most men I work with are not doing enough.

That’s not to say they don’t work hard in the gym because most do.

Volume is a key component in hypertrophy and to build muscle fast you need to be doing lots of volume.

BUT – here’s the key factor, high volume doesn’t mean light baby weights.  It means getting uncomfortable with high volume leg press with a weight you’d normally stop at 10 reps on.

2. Not Eating Enough Food to Fuel Their Muscle Growth

Protein and Carbs are the weapons and they are not sharpened enough.

While most men know that the need to eat protein to build muscle, they aren’t quite clear on how much.

Often they aren’t tracking it and so they fall short.

Carbs are also seen as the enemy by many men thanks to silly keto gurus on social media and so men routinely reduce their carb intake to keep fat under control.

The result – less energy for lifting and so less muscle stimulation.

6 principles only eat food you like
6 elements health

Calories Count but Channeling Those Calories is Crucial

Where are you focussing your energy?

Are you doing lots of cardio to keep fat off?

Does that tell your body you want more muscle?

Thinking hard about the signals you are sending your body will get you better results, more muscle and less body fat.

Body fat is burned from a calorie deficit, if we burn those calories with weights then we can make sure we accomplish 2 tasks at once

Building Muscle and Burning Body Fat

andrew testimonial burn fat no cardio

It's 100% possible to build muslce and burn fat at the same time

It’s just hard to do as most men will try to push to extremes.

More muscle – OK let’s overeat massively and not do cardio for fear of losing gains.

Burn Body Fat – OK let’s not eat carbs and do loads of cardio.

Two directly opposite activities.

But blend those together, moderate deficit plus weights focussed workouts and you’ve got a winning combo.

Check out Seb's interview

seb testimonial pic

Seb built more muscle and didn't gain any body fat in the process

He was already fairly lean but if anything leaned out more without doing treadmill or low carb dieting.

We actually INCREASED his carbs as a first step.

He was regularly eating in excess of 3000 kcals a day and just getting better.

Play Video about seb tesstimonial

You can get a free calorie and macro calculation here

If you’re not sure how many calories you need to be eating. This calculator will give you a guide to calories and macros based on my own work with clients like Seb.

Check out my YouTube channel for more videos.

seb testimonial pic
Andrew burn fat no cardio

Use my Calorie Calculator to work out your calories for fat loss and get a free macro guide

Find out more about my coaching program to get you into your best shape ever

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