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55 Can you cook your chicken by slapping it?

Just because science says something is possible doesn’t mean it’s what you should do Honey, are you ok? You’ve hardly touched your slappy chicken I originally read this article about 3 years ago and it was so intriguing, both that you could theoretically slap a chicken into cooked state or that someone has actually researched

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Episode 49 – Forgotten Supplements of Yesteryear

Supplements that you may have forgotten but were essentials 5 years ago In this podcast we remember the good times   We all used to use these supplements, we even knew the ‘science’ behind them. But they seem to have mysteriously vanished from our arsenal of products. No longer are people drinking intra workouts laced

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53 Best Training Protocol For Building Muscle

Is there a ‘Best Way’ to train to build muscle? What is the best training split and workout plan for when you want to build muscle fast? Building muscle can be very difficult and there are so many variables to think about. In this video which was a live stream in my Facebook group I

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the anabolic muffin podcast tile

52 The Anabolic Muffins and Other Pro Muscle Secrets

How does eating muffins pre workout make you lift more? Why are muffins anabolic? and why is it always blueberry muffins? Are blueberries more anabolic because they are ‘superfoods’? These and other anabolic secrets of the pros are explored in this video. You’ll learn why muffins, cereal, bagels and pancakes can help you have a

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getting in the zone for more muscle

50. Getting In The Zone For More Muscle

Are you in the right ZONE in the gym? If you want to build muscle as a priority and not really wanting to get injured in the process then you need to know how much weight to lift without getting injured. As a gym owner and coach I see a lot of people in the

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Episode 48 – Diet Hacks, The Lipostat, Calorie Averaging

Just because it worked for them doesn’t mean it will work for you In this episode we discuss how science can be twisted to fit an unscrupulous coaches agenda to sell their plans Also how the case of ‘it worked for me’ is carried over to ‘it must work for everyone’ in coaching We discuss

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best cardio to do if you want more muscle

Best Cardio to do if You Want More Muscle

What type of cardio should you do if building muscle is a priority? I’m a big believer in the philosophy of casting votes for the body you want.  Well, casting votes for the life you want really. Cardio is cardiovascular fitness, i.e making the heart healthier.  This is, of course vital for your long term

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prep podcast 47

Episode 47 – Listener Questions

Listener Questions What’s the best rep and set range for certain muscle groups? What do we know know that we wish we’d known back then? Supplements we recommend? Why does Paul always say drink more water?   See Prep the Series on YouTube for free Watch all the episodes as they are released >>>>Prep The

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supplements that melt fat podcast

Fat Burning Supplements That Melt Fat

Are you looking for Fat Loss Pills that can MELT fat off your body? I’ve got bad news for you, they don’t exist. Even the most potent illegal fat burning drugs don’t melt fat but some may cook you alive – which would be bad People THINK that fat burners will magically correct their body

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