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supplements that melt fat podcast

Fat Burning Supplements That Melt Fat

Are you looking for Fat Loss Pills that can MELT fat off your body? I’ve got bad news for you, they don’t exist. Even the most potent illegal fat burning drugs don’t melt fat but some may cook you alive – which would be bad People THINK that fat burners will magically correct their body

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Investing Energy Wisely For An Incredible Body

What can be achieved in 12 weeks? Jason is a very successful trader and investor who applies himself to any task with 100% dedication He wasn’t seeing the result he wanted in the mirror despite training hard and eating well and so he asked me to help him get into his best shape ever for

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back and shoulders workout

Back and Shoulders Workout With Deadlift Finisher

Give a different feel to your back and shoulders workout Deadlifts are normally added as a beginning exercise to a workout and that makes sense as it’s a big compound that works the whole body. Adding it to the end of your workout when you are already fatigued gives a new stimulus   Your strongest

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Recipe details – Falafel Serves: 4 people Total Time: 25 minutes 333 CALORIES 11 PROTEIN 34 CARBS 17 FATS 9 FIBRE Get more recipes from my weekly recipes page  Values are approximate and you should always check  calories using a food tracking app My Fitness Pal Guide Ingredients 200g dried chickpeas, soaked overnight 60g packed flat-leaf parsley

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Episode 46 – January diets and Fitpro Apps

It’s TIME to get SHREDZ January is upon us and so are the fitpros with their January get shredz programs. We aren’t against people getting in shape but we are against the multitude of 6 week shredder mc shredz guys that ONLY pop up on your feed when it’s time to make a quick buck

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if it fits your macros

If It Fits Your Macros – Does it work

Are Macros Really Important? Does if it fits your macros actually work or is it another buzz word for fitpros to use when selling you their £97 tailored shred diet? In its pure form, if it fits your macros is a good idea. It encourages flexible eating patterns and puts the control firmly in the

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Roast Chicken with pomegranate glaze

Roast Chicken with Pomegranate glaze

Recipe details Serves: 6 people Total Time: 60 minutes 475 CALORIES  66 PROTEIN  10 CARBS  19 FATS  1 FIBRE  Get more recipes from my weekly recipes page  Values are approximate and you should always check  calories using a food tracking app My Fitness Pal Guide Ingredients 250ml pomegranate juice  1 whole chicken (1300g)  Extra-virgin olive oil  Kosher salt and freshly

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Better Habits for Great Sleep

If you struggle to get a good night’s sleep then this is for you Simple Techniques for Great Sleep  If you’re a business owner or manager struggling with balancing sleep with your daily life then watch this video. You will learn how to build habits for much better sleep which has helped numerous business owners

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Why a coach hires another coach

Why a Coach Hires Another Coach

A coach shouldn’t need to hire another coach – don’t they have all the answers? Even a coach needs another coach for accountability from time to time. When you are a coach to over 30 clients then it’s easy to let your own progress stall. The methods you use with your clients may not be

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reagaining a toned body as a new mum

Regaining a toned body as a new mum

It’s difficult for many new mums to get their former toned body back after giviing birth Often pregnancy results in less exercise So as well as losing the baby weight there’s an additional issue of restarting an exercise routine. For many women, finding the time to exercise is another consideration due to the demands of

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Fastest way to lose weight

Your efforts to lose weight fast with an exercise routine at the gym or home is probably about to backfire on you. ‘Lose weight fast’ has 100,000 to 1 million google searches every month and ‘Fastest way to lose weight’ is between 1-10,000 It’s a hot topic and the reason is that people want results

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The Number One Reason People Join A Gym

Everyone Thought That After Lockdown Gyms Would Struggle To Get People To Rejoin YET Here They Are SMASHING IT! Well, there’s a slight exception to that.  Some gyms, big commercials mainly, have seen a drop off in their membership numbers, while independents have seen a near record rejoin rate.  Some have even had to close

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