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what is the best time to workout

Best Time To Workout If You Own Your Own Business

The ‘best’ time to workout is often different for business owners If you’re a business owner with a hectic schedule but want to build muscle and lose fat then what is the best time of the day to workout to do this and still be able to run your business efficiently? There are people that

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Do you really want to get shredded for summer

Do You REALLY Want to Get Shredded For Summer

I always get people saying that they want to get shredded for summer without really knowing what it is they are asking for. ‘Shredded’ in the real terms is a bodybuilding show level of condition. It’s sub 5% body fat and this is actually a really unhealthy position to be in. For a short term

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do you need a diet plan to lose weight and build muscle

Do You Need a Diet Plan to Lose Weight and Build Muscle

Can you lose weight without a diet plan? Do you really need a meal planner in order to get the body you want and build more muscle? The answer to this really depends on what stage of your journey you are at.  There are many diet gurus out there who are now pushing the woke

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baked gnocchi with spinach

Baked Gnocchi and Spinach

High protein vegetarian recipe with potato and greens Download Recipe PDF Serves 4 People Ingredients  1 tbsp olive oil  450g potato gnocchi  1 medium onion, thinly sliced  4 cloves garlic, minced  ½ tsp ground black pepper  450g crushed tomato  1 tbsp italian herb mix  20g nutritional yeast  ½ tsp sea salt  400g spinach  8 pieces

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Cheesy Meatballs

Cheesy Meatballs

A Classic Italian Dish Download Recipe PDF Serves 6 People Ingredients  450g 5% lean beef mince 4 cloves garlic, minced  1 tbsp dried oregano  Salt & cracked pepper  2 tsp chilli paste  50g parmesan cheese, grated  100g bread crumbs (gluten free if required)  2 eggs  250ml skimmed milk  1 tbsp olive oil  600ml passata  200g

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Compounding your efforts for a successful body transformation

Compounding your efforts for a successful Body Transformation

What is the secret to gaining muscle and losing body fat? It’s not down to one key ingredient, it’s from having many cogs working together to create a bulletproof system that supports your goal. Many diet gurus will sell a quick fix. A 6 week shred program that defies the laws of physics and thermodynamics

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vegan bolognese

Vegan Bolognese

Plant based classic italian pasta meal Serves 4 people Ingredients  350g brown spiral pasta (gluten-free if required)  1 tbsp olive oil  1 brown onion, diced  3 cloves garlic, minced  1 courgette, grated  1 carrot, grated  1 x (800g) can diced Italian tomatoes  1 tbsp dried oregano  1 tbsp dried parsley  1 x (425g) can brown

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arm workout in 45 minutes

Count Vascular – Superset Arm Workout in 45 minutes

Blast your arms with this superset workout Nothing beats a great arm workout.  Nice big, pumped biceps and triceps which you can immediately see the benefit of in the mirror. The main mistake people make when training arms is they use too much weight and don’t do enough reps. Too much weight pushes pressure onto

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prep podcast episode 42

Episode 42 – Dean St Mart Part 2 Gut Health

Part 2 of our interview with Dr Dean St Mart Gut health is a complex and often misinterpreted topic.  Many gurus talk about it, often wrongly. So we got Dr Dean back on to talk about all things to do with a healthy gut. This podcast is full of some incredible information and both Paul

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