Are your calories too low to lose fat and have you entered starvation mode?

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are your calories too low to lose weight

If your calories are too low and your fat loss has stalled, have you entered starvation mode and does this mean you're unable to lose weight?

I’ve been asked this hundreds of times in my 10+ years as a body transformation coach.

Probably thousands actually. You’ll often see gurus on the internet telling people that their calories are too low and that their body has entered starvation mode which means that their body will now be actively looking to store as much body fat as possible.

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"You're not eating enough to lose weight"

There is some truth in this but it’s not how the experts at the University of  Facebook understand it.

  • Your metabolism isn’t broken
  • You don’t have adrenal burnout
  • You don’t need to stoke your metabolism with a cheat day

According to these 'experts' - Once you enter starvation mode, everything you eat will be turned to body fat to make up for the calories that you've depleted on your diet.

Is this true though.  Does your body have a magic switch that transfers from ‘Fat Loss’ to ‘Fat Gain’ when a certain line is crossed on your diet?

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Like all good rumours and pseudo-guruscience there’s no smoke without fire

There is an element of metabolic slowdown that occurs in low calorie scenarios and the body’s compensation for this is to make you more hungry and more lazy

You can only resist the hunger for so long and you end up bingeing which results in way more calories than you need


If it was for one day it wouldn’t really matter but the release for many causes a succession of days of massive eating which then puts you in a calorie surplus of mega proportions and thus you gain body fat

Low and behold you gain all the weight back again and end up with more body fat than before.

Thanks to starvation mode.

This explanation often confuses people as it’s also said you can’t lose body fat until you get into a calorie deficit and so what’s the magic sweet spot you need to be in to be burning body fat but not entering starvation mode?


In this video and podcast I’ll explain about starvation mode, calorie deficits, guru lies and how to accurately work out your calories for fat loss so that you continue to make progress.

Check out my YouTube channel for more videos.

Use my Calorie Calculator to work out your calories for fat loss and get a free macro guide

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