9 Positive Ways to Cope With Lockdown

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9 positive actions to cope with lockdown

There is a second lockdown in the Uk due to corona virus


Here are 9 ways to cope with lockdown that you can put into action within the next few days.


  • Put these into action to come out having improved yourself and with a positive mindset.
  • Central to this video is the stoic philosophy of focussing on the events or actions that you can control.
  • The events that you cannot control are not worth spending time stressing or worrying over as you cannot affect them.
  • However you can affect and control your reaction to them.


Focussing on your reaction to the lockdown, how you can be more productive while preparing for a return to the gym and to your work will be crucial to success.


In the last lockdown in the UK many people were lost and had no drive.

They were bored with nothing to do and that was the main reason why people got fat and lazy.

Many turned to drink as a solution and got out of routine, so returning to work was tough.

In this video and podcast I will show you how to make sure you

  • Preserve muscle for return to the gym
  • Improve your mental focus to be strong and determined to succeed
  • Plan out your lockdown time to be more productive
  • Remove negative feelings and people from your life so that you are always focussing on the positive outcome
  • Improve your knowledge and build new good habits that you can take out of lockdown to lead a better life
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To work with me to develop a stronger Physical, Mental and Inner Health contact me via the website

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