50. Getting In The Zone For More Muscle

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getting in the zone for more muscle

Are you in the right ZONE in the gym?

If you want to build muscle as a priority and not really wanting to get injured in the process then you need to know how much weight to lift without getting injured.

As a gym owner and coach I see a lot of people in the wrong zone for the majority of their workouts

Either lifting too heavy, with crap form and inviting a hernia, or with such super strict form and low weight that their muscle gain is sooooo slow that they hardly see anything of value Of course you want to stay safe from injury when you are working out but there’s a manageable risk factor to take into account

In addition, too many people stay in a safe zone because they have become lazy in their workouts and do the same stuff over and over without ever challenging themselves

Their bodies just become more efficient at doing the same thing.

Then you’ve got the guys that want to be the biggest fish in the pond and lift like everyone is watching.

They might be but only with a winced look as they wait for something to snap.

Ego lifting is a major risk factor and this zone is where I see a lot of guys who ironically are taking the effort OFF the desired muscle and into other areas, risking a tear or tendon injury.

The good thing is that you don’t need to risk a lung popping out to make muscle gains.

With a good amount of weight for a decent amount of reps you can make progress consistently without injury.

I’m not without the scars of injury myself, all my gym related injuries came from doing too much weight and forgetting that my focus is on bodybuilding not powerlifting.

If building muscle is your priority then stay within the Progress Zone, back off the max weights and focus on growing rather than showing off.

Because no one really cares how strong you are but you.

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