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Stop Dieting Start Living

Have you ever tried to lose weight but found that..

You put the weight back on again afterwards

The diet you followed didn't allow your favourite foods

The diet was confusing or overly complex to follow

I am a Performance Nutritionist and my consultancy specialises in working with people who have tried to lose weight using a variety of different methods but have been unable to maintain their weight loss in the long term.

Through a unique process of education, lifestyle and habit coaching they learn to enjoy food again and lose fat to develop the body that they want.

"I believe that there is incredible power at the intersection of Nutritional Knowledge and the

These 2 key elements are crucial in order to achieve long term success with a diet program and to successfully lose body fat.

 I’ve met many people with huge desire for change but have had the misfortune of following plans where there is no applied nutritional knowledge from the coach or program. 

The result is that they fail to achieve their goals.

Similarly, if someone has no real desire to change their lifestyle and improve their body then the best fat loss nutritionist in the world will have no impact on them.  

Before I work with any client I make sure that they are ready and have the desire to change their lives for the better.  

That desire combined with my nutrition expertise and experience creates dramatic and long lasting changes.

We work together as a team and the synergistic effect of these qualities will transform your mindset towards your food and the way you think about losing body fat.

My last year competing in 2015 featured on the front cover of the UK Beef bodybuilding magazine. We also filmed a documentary called 'Prep the Series'

Most people do not need huge changes to lose weight, just the right guidance.  Hear from previous clients and their stories of how they changed their lives

What is stopping you Losing weight and

I’ve heard thousands of reasons from clients over the years as to what is standing in their way to their success.

Each client story is unique and will require specific adjustments to their lifestyle to make the changes that they need. 

The importance of working with us is that we are always on hand to help you adjust to any new situations that come up while we are working together. 

My consultancy offers both private and group based weight loss programs. Both are highly effective and will suit different people.

No more

The worst thing you can do when looking to lose weight is to go ON a diet.

Going ON means that there will be a coming OFF and this is where 99% of people come unstuck.  

They look to do a diet until they lose enough weight or they can’t stick it anymore and then they come OFF and go back to their previous eating habits.

The result is that they put the weight back on again.  Sometimes gaining even more.

It is a huge failing of many commercial diets that they do not educate their customers on nutrition in order that the customer becomes reliant on them for weight loss.  

The key to successful long term fat loss is to create a new way of eating with strong positive habits which mean that you are not an overweight person always trying to lose weight.

Instead we help to educate you in simple nutrition techniques so that you can live a leaner lifestyle and the weight loss is a result of that.

More importantly it STAYS OFF