Get the body you want eating foods you like


I’m Tom Blackman.
I’m a performance nutritionist and the author of ‘Target Lean – How to get the body you want by eating foods you like’.

As a former champion bodybuilder I’ve done hundreds of diets myself.  I didn’t always win.  I know exactly what it feels like to be unhappy and frustrated with diets not delivering the results I want.

After working with performance athletes in Boxing, MMA, Powerlifting and Bodybuilding I developed a unique process that delivers clients the body they want. 

I now use this method with people who have a determination to lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle  while balancing their busy family and work lives

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Build muscle and lose fat

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Lose weight and improve your health and fitness

Feel amazing and look the best you've ever been

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I believe everyone has the right to the body they want without suffering


How to get the body you want by eating foods you like

Target Lean is the book that will change the way you think about dieting forever

If you are tired of a restrict-binge-frustration cycle then this is the book that will change your life

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Family is central to my philosophy.  I build all my nutrition and lifestyle plans with family life in mind.  A diet plan should never impact your enjoyment of time with your family and friends

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Most people do not need huge changes to lose weight, just the right guidance.  Watch previous client’s stories of how they changed their lives with positive nutrition habits

I am a former champion bodybuilder. I use all my knowledge and experience gained from being a top level athlete to help my clients train the right way to get the body they want. 

My last year competing in 2015 featured on the front cover of the UK Beef bodybuilding magazine. We also filmed a documentary called 'Prep the Series'

I’ve heard thousands of reasons from clients over the years as to what is standing in their way to their success.

Each client story is unique and requires specific adjustments to their lifestyle to make the changes that they need.

I use a proven method that I call the C.A.L.O.R.I.E system

I’ve used it to transform hundreds of people’s lives and give them positive relationships with food and the confidence to eat foods that they like.