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Taking care of your nutrition so that you can take care of the things that matter

Tom Blackman

Performance Nutritionist

Welcome to BKM Nutrition

I am a Performance Nutritionist with over 10 years experience in the industry.

I specialise in working with people who have previously tried and failed numerous times with other mainstream diets.  They have the motivation for change but previous diets have failed them.

My clients are not freaks that ‘normal’ diets don’t work on.  They are normal every day people who want to look better in photos with their family or to feel confident on the beach on holiday.

They want to be able to fit into a dress for a Christmas or Birthday party or to be able to enjoy feeling fitter and healthier in their lives without the restriction of a ‘diet plan’ looming over them.

Every coach should be able to follow and apply their own methods

In January 2019 I applied all my own methods that I use with clients to my own 4 week photoshoot prep diet.

Read about all the methods I used.  The ups and downs and how I managed them to prepare for a promotional photoshoot and get into great condition in only 4 weeks.

Comparison Picture Of Client Charlotte

How does my method differ from other diets?

I believe that real change comes from helping my clients understand the subject of their nutrition better.

Someone who knows why they are doing a certain job or activity, along with the change that will come from it, will be much more likely to work towards that change and be able to visualise their results.

Comparison Picture Of Client Anna

Mainstream diets do not educate the client. 

After all if the client gains knowledge on how to diet effectively then they won’t need that diet program any more.  They work against the client to addict them to their program so that the client loses weight when on the program but then gains it all back again afterwards.

Therefore they return back to the diet program for help

It’s a never ending cycle.

My Mission is to end this repeating cycle for everyone who I work with

How can I help you?

My main areas of work are

Body Fat Loss
Incorporating weight loss and body image improvement and body transformations

Muscle Building
Nutrition and training for recreational or lifestyle physique improvement

Performance Nutrition
Coaching in sports nutrition for disciplines such as MMA, Boxing, Bodybuilding and Powerlifting

Looking for fast results and immediate change?

My accelerator programs fast track you to your body goals while enhancing your knowledge to deliver long term results

A Leaner Body for Life

Learn how to lose weight the easy way, with no syns, colour coding, excessive exercise routines or removal of your favourite foods

Build Dense Muscle

Learn how to gain muscle properly and rethink your training and nutrition with guidance from 2 of the most experienced bodybuilding coaches in the UK

Kick Start Fat Loss

4 weeks of intensive exercise and a diet plan tailored to your calorie needs for losing weight. 3 Expert fat loss coaches on hand to guide you and keep you on target

Would you like some free help with your nutrition?

I have a free nutrition group email where you can ask me any questions you have about nutrition.

I send out information bulletins each week on nutrition topics in the media and in general
This is a free service, designed to help you understand nutrition better

If you’d like to sign up you can do so here


I have worked with clients for over 10 years to help them change their bodies and become more confident and happy with their appearance.

I am a certified Applied Sports Nutritionist with the ISSN which is a post graduate professional qualification.

Nutritionist is not a protected title like ‘Doctor’ or ‘Dietician’ and so there are many people online claiming to be nutritionists who have little to no qualifications

I have experience with many clients in special situations such as eating disorders, PCOS, insulin resistance and have helped them overcome previously ineffective diet plans and crash diets that result in rapid weight gain afterwards.

Achievable targets

If you’ve tried any of the fad diets or celebrity plans you’ll know that they are sometimes unrealistic to follow.

We will discuss your lifestyle and eating preferences and construct a plan that is realistic and you are able to follow.  

Foods will be ones you choose not forced on you to eat.

Exercise levels will be challenging but not excessive

Planning for your future

My working style is to help clients to understand nutrition better.

I believe the diet industry has failed many of its customers as it does not tell them WHY they are doing certain protocols.  The customer is never educated and so is set up to fail from the beginning

I want to change that for all my clients

My ultimate aim is to give you the tools to eventually feel confident in managing your own diet so that the weight you lose stays off.

We keep it simple for you to do

I’ll explain things that we do so you can understand why we do them.  

The simpler we can make things the easier it is for you to follow it.  

You won’t need tons of Tupperware and exotic food prep skills

John needed to get ready FAST for a photo shoot

PCOS had stopped Kim losing weight

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