Looking to lose weight for good and not just 6 weeks?

I’ve wrote the book on it

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Find out how to lose the fat you hate by eating the foods you like

Target Lean is the book that will change the way you think about dieting forever

I also run a 6 week intensive coaching program that reinforces and builds on what the book teaches

If you are tired of a restrict-binge-frustration cycle then this is the book and program that will change your life

The major mistake people make is thinking about weight loss. What I stand for is life changing results that you can't measure on a scale

My goal is to transform 100,000 people's lives through nutrition

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I know first hand what it’s like to run a successful business while trying to keep in shape.  The last thing you want is extra stress deciding what to eat.  I design all my nutrition and training plans simple to understand and easy to fit into a busy lifestyle.

I am a former champion bodybuilder.  I’ve tried every type of diet and pretty much all the fat burning supplements and cardio.  I know what works and what is just needless suffering.   

I’ve worked with clients for over 10 years.  I originally specialised in Performance Nutrition.  I have worked with professional athletes in MMA, Boxing, Powerlifting and Bodybuilding.  In that time I developed a unique 7 step process to drop body fat and increase muscle that I now use with every client.

Family is central to my philosophy.  I build all my nutrition and lifestyle plans with family life in mind.  A diet plan should never impact your enjoyment of time with your family and friends

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Most people do not need huge changes to lose weight, just the right guidance.  Watch previous client’s stories of how they changed their lives with positive nutrition habits

I am a former champion bodybuilder. I use all my knowledge and experience gained from being a top level athlete to help my clients train the right way to get the body they want. 

My last year competing in 2015 featured on the front cover of the UK Beef bodybuilding magazine. We also filmed a documentary called 'Prep the Series'

I’ve heard thousands of reasons from clients over the years as to what is standing in their way to their success.

Each client story is unique and requires specific adjustments to their lifestyle to make the changes that they need.

I use a proven method that I call the C.A.L.O.R.I.E system

I’ve used it to transform hundreds of people’s lives and give them positive relationships with food and the confidence to eat foods that they like.