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Lose weight, improve your fitness, enjoy life

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Improve your strength and build quality muscle to look and feel great

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Work with your brain to build powerful habits for a healthy lifestyle

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121 Nutrition and lifestyle coaching

Over 8 weeks we rebuild your diet, lifestyle and habits to transform your body.  You’ll develop a new outlook on your health and fitness.  You’ll only eat foods you like and do the things you enjoy while seeing a complete change in your body and mindset.

Target Lean

In 6 weeks you’ll never need a ‘diet plan’ again.  Lifetime membership and unlimited access to the course and future programs means you can continue to have our support for as long as you need it.

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Your Body Revolution

A six month coaching program where you’ll build more muscle, lose body fat and learn how to manipulate your diet and training perfectly for your desired physique.

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I'm Tom Blackman

I’m a performance nutritionist and the author of ‘Target Lean – How to get the body you want by eating foods you like’.

I am a fat loss specialist, since 2010 I’ve been working with clients to transform their bodies.

Fat loss is not just about losing weight. It’s about a complete mindset change for many people who view food as their enemy.  By improving their knowledge and laying down a foundation of good habits and routines my clients see results very quickly. 

The 2020 Ultimate Guide to Weight Loss that works

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What is the best fat burning exercise?

I’m often asked by people looking to lose weight… ‘What is the best fat burning exercise?’ ‘What exercise is best for burning body fat?’ ‘What exercise will help me lose my belly fat?’ Generally, I find that people who ask this have a basic idea that in some way they need to move more to

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If I only eat 700 calories a day how much weight can I lose?

Will eating 700 calories a day help you lose weight quickly? A common question I am asked is about rapid weight loss associated with very low calorie intake. I have been increasingly asked about the 700 calorie a day diet which was used in part during a recent BBC documentary.  This is termed a very

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How to get the body you want by eating foods you like

Target Lean is the book that will change the way you think about dieting forever

If you are tired of a restrict-binge-frustration cycle then this is the book that will change your life

Get your copy in paperback or Kindle

Target Lean Book - fat loss meal plan guide
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Changing your mindset towards living a lifestyle of a leaner person will change your daily actions so that losing weight is very easy

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Family is central to my philosophy.  I build all my nutrition and lifestyle plans with family life in mind.  A diet plan should never impact your enjoyment of time with your family and friends

I’ve worked with a wide range of clients over 10 years

Each client story is unique and requires specific adjustments to their lifestyle to make the changes that they need.

I competed in bodybuilding for over 10 years. 

I’ve done hundreds of diets and thousands of workouts.  I know what works and what doesn’t for losing body fat and gaining muscle.

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Public Speaking

I’ve presented at key industry events to help educate people on correct nutrition and training strategies.

I also speak at private seminars and events for nutrition and personal training professionals. 

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